The Best Way To Get Rid Of Raccoons Around Your Salt Lake City Home

Raccoon peaking around the corner of a roof.

It’s either the funniest joke or the craziest coincidence that the dark masked markings around a raccoon’s eyes resemble that classic image of a burglar. And seeing as how raccoons skulk around your property in the middle of the night, toppling over garbage cans and digging through trash looking for a snack, their appearance matches their behavior perfectly.

At Pest Pro Pest Control, we provide effective pest control in Salt Lake City to send raccoons packing. There is no reason for the aggravation and stress these critters cause when professionals can eliminate them quickly.

Why Raccoons Love Urban Areas

If you were a raccoon and your most important mission in life was to acquire food, where do you think the best opportunities to find it would be? If you guessed cities or urban areas, you’re right. Urban centers are a destination spot for these animals because of the abundant food supply. And since raccoons can eat almost anything, there is no shortage of what these four-legged bandits can get their paws on. As much food is wasted and thrown out daily from homes, hotels, and restaurants, trash cans and dumpsters serve as the ultimate buffet.

Why You Don't Want Raccoons Hanging Around Your House

Some people may think raccoons are cute up until they’ve transformed your yard into the aftermath of an F5 tornado. From hanging off your fence to damaging your garden, and rummaging through your trash, no property owner alive wants to endure the undue stress that raccoons cause. In addition to the ruckus they make, raccoons are a primary carrier of the rabies virus in the United States. If you see a raccoon or two on your property, the sooner you can call your local pest control, the better.

Simple Tips To Prevent Raccoon Activity Around Your Yard

As sneaky as raccoons can be, there are simple methods to keep them away from your yard that doesn’t require that much effort. It’s all about making your property unattractive to these animals. Check out the tips below to keep raccoons away from your residence:

  • Secure your trash cans tightly.
  • Dry up all water sources.
  • Close off access to hiding places.
  • Safeguard your garden.
  • Eliminate potential food sources. 

Also, consider treating your lawn for bugs raccoons love to eat, like grubs and tiny beetle larvae. Please don’t underestimate the power of getting rid of a pest’s food source, which is the number one reason why they’re trespassing on your property. Contact professionals to help you with raccoon pest control.

The Safest Way To Remove Raccoons from Your Property

You can try various methods to get rid of raccoons yourself that don’t involve traditional pest control. Since these pests are intelligent animals, you have to outsmart them by getting a little creative with your approach. Here are some ideas to help you get rid of raccoons:

  • Use a motion-activated sprinkler to blast them with water unexpectedly.
  • Use sonic devices as a repellent to scare them away with sudden, loud noises.
  • Use ammonia strategically by dispensing it in areas where raccoons roam.
  • Use sealants to fill holes in your house, like the attic and roof.
  • Use fencing to fend off these animals.

Even though raccoons are mammals and not rodents, you can also try using rodent-repelling trash bags that contain scents raccoons despise, like camphor, eucalyptus, and corn mint oils. 

But the best way to control raccoons on your property is to consult with a professional pest management service that offers quality raccoon control in Salt Lake City. They will be able to thoroughly assess your situation to devise an effective strategy to remove them.

At Pest Pro Pest Control, we’ve provided exceptional pest control services to our residents in Salt Lake City and the surrounding areas for a decade. We understand how frustrating it can be when raccoons ravage your property, causing you undue stress and expensive repairs. With flexible scheduling options, reach out to us today so we can schedule your free consultation.

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