What Salt Lake City Property Owners Ought To Know About Vole Control

Vole outdoors.

Voles may not be dangerous to people, but they're highly destructive to your garden. Known for tunneling underground and destroying healthy greenery, homeowners are at a loss when defending their landscaping from these mischievous, plant-loving rodents.

At Pest Pro Pest Control, we provide the most effective pest control in Salt Lake City and the number one best way to control voles. Our highly trained technicians understand the frustration caused by these destructive pests and work to remove them from your property quickly. Read on to learn more about voles, the damage they can cause, and different methods to eliminate them.

How To Identify Voles

Is it a mouse? Maybe it's a hamster. You're not alone if you've confused a vole for one of these two rodents. Voles are often mistaken for common mice found in homes. However, voles spend most of their lives outdoors. These animals rarely intrude into homes and buildings. Like prairie dogs, voles are known for digging underground tunnels to store food, give birth, and raise their young.

Adult voles in Salt Lake City are five to eight inches long and have a shorter, stockier build than mice. They also have small, dark eyes, short legs, a short, furry tail, and partially concealed ears. Their coloring can range from reddish-brown to black or gray. Although they have teeth, vole bites are extremely rare. For help controlling voles, contact your local pest control service.

The Problems Voles On Your Property Can Create

If you have a green thumb with luscious foliage around your home, sadly, it's a prime target for voles. These rodents love to feed on grass and the stems, roots, and seeds of plants. Voles will occasionally dine on snails and insects, but they maintain a primary herbivore diet. That's bad news if you have a yard full of a healthy supply of greenery. Voles can wreak havoc on your:

  • Landscaping
  • Fruit trees
  • Lawns
  • Gardens
  • Grain crops

Although these rodents aren't physically dangerous and don't attack people, they can carry parasites and transmit disease through their urine and feces. Thick vegetation not only provides sustenance for voles but also works as a shelter. To prevent damage to your landscaping, contact our team for professional vole pest control.

Natural Ways To Prevent Voles On Your Property

Your yard isn't just aesthetically pleasing to your family and houseguests; it's also a smorgasbord for voles. All the lush greenery, plants, and fruit trees make fantastic menu items for them.

To avoid damage to your landscaping while implementing natural vole control practices, reduce dense ground cover by removing as much vegetation as possible, and use mulch sparingly. Voles like to dine privately and not out in the open, so modifying the surroundings will control their numbers. For your young trees, protect their base and lower trunk with plastic tubing or wire mesh. Also, voles dislike the smell of castor oil and coffee. Try placing castor oil-soaked cotton balls around your foliage, or sprinkle some coffee grounds with a light hand.  

The Trick To Getting Rid Of Voles

Saving time and money is important to everyone. However, if you think that home remedies and do-it-yourself (DIY) practices can effectively rid your property of voles, you may want to reconsider. Enlisting the services of professional exterminators for vole control in Salt Lake City is the best route to take. They have the background and resources at their fingertips to deliver the most effective pest control.

At Pest Pro Pest Control, we've serviced our residents' pest management needs for a decade. Our team always puts customers first with safe, fast, and effective treatments. We can develop a plan to quickly remove voles from your residence to keep your gardens healthy and vibrant. Get in touch with us today to request your free consultation.

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