Everything You Should Know About Salt Lake City's Midnight Bandits

Raccoon trying to break into a chimney crack.

Though some individuals may find this masked critter cute, an influx of raccoons around your property is something to be concerned about. Our article’s control tips combined with professional Salt Lake City pest control are just the thing to take care of these midnight bandits and protect your property. 

Where Raccoons May Be Hiding

Raccoons are nocturnal animals and, as such, hide out in secluded areas during the day. Raccoons prefer to den in areas, so their hiding spots are likely to be secluded, dark, and quiet. Around your yard, you may find raccoons hiding in hollow trees or tree stumps, areas of thick brush, in a barn or shed, or in a ground burrow. If they have invaded your home, raccoons will typically set up their dens in chimneys, attics, or the hollow areas under porches and crawl spaces.

It can be dangerous to have raccoons hiding around your property due to the risk of accidentally disturbing this animal. Not only can raccoons attack when they feel threatened, but they are carriers of several serious illnesses and will spread fleas, ticks, and mites around your property. 

What To Do When You've Spotted The Raccoons

If you’ve spotted a raccoon or several raccoons around your home that appear consistently, then it's time to contact the professionals at Pest Pro Pest Control. Safe raccoon removal can only be handled by the experts, as you need proper expertise and equipment to control this pest without the risk of injury. Furthermore, once you’ve spotted raccoons around your property, you should be taking the time to implement control and prevention tips to stop this pest from returning – we discuss these tips below.

Ten Essential Raccoon Control Tips

Implementing raccoon control tips can help keep this pest away from your property and deter future infestations from starting:

  1. Cut back branches that overhang your roof to stop raccoons from easily crossing over.
  2. Use chimney caps and place mesh over any vented areas around your attic or crawl spaces that could let raccoons inside.
  3. Install motion-activated floodlights around your property, especially trash areas, to scare away raccoons.
  4. Refrain from leaving out pet food and water in your yard, which can attract hungry raccoons.
  5. Seal up all trash properly and use trash cans with fitted, lockable lids when possible.
  6. Address moisture issues around your property that create excess water pools for raccoons to drink from.
  7. Keep your yard trimmed and neat, remove debris, and cut back overgrown foliage to reduce raccoon hiding spots.
  8. Install a fence around your property between your yard and any wooded areas to deter raccoons from invading.
  9. Never feed raccoons that you see or try to touch a raccoon, as this will only encourage them.
  10. Use motion-activated sprinkler systems and place scarecrows in your yard to deter raccoons from entering it.

And remember, if you are having trouble taming an active raccoon population, always reach out to the professionals at Pest Pro Pest Control for assistance with removal and control.

Raccoon Removal & Control With Salt Lake City Professionals

Even though you may think spotting a raccoon or two from time to time is cute, this nuisance pest needs to be removed from your property as soon as possible to prevent damage to your home and the risk of illness or being attacked. Our pest control experts at Pest Pro Pest Control can help you with this and will waste no time removing raccoon populations safely so that you can reclaim your property from this critter.

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