What The Professionals Want Salt Lake City Homeowners To Know About Paper Wasps

Paper Wasps on their nest.

There are a few insects that people don’t mind or aren’t as afraid of. For instance, ladybugs and butterflies are known for being harmless and beautiful. In some cultures, they’re considered a sign of good luck, peace and/or hope. Wasps, on the other hand, are generally unwanted and unwelcome. They startle folks with their rapid flying and buzzing. Most of all, the possibility of them stinging causes fear.

Several types of wasps exist, each with multiple sub-classes. Paper wasps, in particular, are common in Salt Lake City. They contribute to the stability of the environment with their pollination, and by eating other pests. While this is a plus, and they’re less aggressive than their counterparts, you still don’t want them around your property. Get the facts on these flying bugs, how to prevent them, and how Pest Pro Pest Control can help.

The Appearance & Behavior Of Paper Wasps

Paper wasps can be a little less or more than an inch long. They’re usually dark brown, with yellow markings and black wings. Sometimes, they seem similar to yellow jackets in color. Their bodies are narrow. Seeking a sheltered space for nesting, they’ll swarm around roof eaves, foundation voids, attics, window sills, and door frames. If you see them fluttering about, there’s likely an infestation and/or nest nearby. They typically enter properties through open doors and windows, and cracks in the structure.

Paper wasps receive their name because of what their nests look like. When their saliva meshes with the plant material they use for construction, it resembles paper. The outer shell is so thick, that the many inner compartments can’t be seen. It’s like an umbrella, which is why these pests are occasionally referred to as “umbrella wasps.” The formation of their cocoons is one element that distinguishes paper wasps from other stinging bugs.

Like many comparable insects, paper wasps will only sting if they feel threatened. However, it’s hard to predict when they might feel that way. Should they sting a human, it will certainly be painful. If a person is allergic to their venom, they could have an intense reaction and require medical attention. Wasps can strike numerous times in a few seconds.

Preventing Paper Wasps

The majority of wasps come by properties through lawns and gardens. Since they feed on nectar, pollen, and other bugs, any plants and living organisms attract them. Trash, food, and liquids left on decks and porches draw them in too. That said, preventing paper wasps entails landscaping, cleaning, and pest control:

  • Maintain and trim plants, flowers, bushes, and shrubbery.
  • Keep greenery at least two feet away from your home.
  • Make sure your yard, vents, and gutters are free of debris and trash.
  • Put garbage in a can with a tight lid.
  • Regularly remove garbage.
  • Routinely clean patios and roof eaves.
  • Don’t leave food or spills on your porch.
  • Call Pest Pro Pest Control if you have other insects wasps can feed on.

Pest Pro Pest Control Paper Wasp Methods

For the last ten years, Pest Pro Pest Control has kept critters out of Salt Lake City homes and businesses. We have prevention and extermination techniques down to a science. With paper wasps, we have a step-by-step process that will keep them away and/or gone for good.

We’ll start with an inspection, where we’ll identify the things that leave your spot vulnerable. Based on our findings, we’ll provide you with solid suggestions and a custom treatment plan. From there, we’ll apply suitable and safe products that get rid of existing paper wasps. We’ll continue to take care of you with regular visits if you so desire them.

Protect your place and loved ones from potential stings! Call, text or email us today to get a quote!

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