The Best Way To Keep Gophers Off Your Salt Lake City Property

Gopher in a hole in the grass

If you’ve lived in Salt Lake City long enough, you’ve probably experienced the Northern pocket gopher before. Whether you fell into one of their tunneling holes and injured yourself or seen them eating up your garden, these burrowing rodents can completely destroy your outdoor space if you don’t reach out to Pest Control in Salt Lake City once you see the signs.

How To Tell If Gophers Are In Your Yard? 

A lot of times, if you see a furry animal digging holes in your yard, you’ll think it’s either a gopher, mole, or vole; you don’t necessarily care which one it is; you just know they need to be gone! But, knowing the difference in the different rodents will help you determine the type of pest control you need and preventive measures to take. 

In terms of the Northern pocket gopher, there are definitely some distinctive signs that let you know you have gophers in your yard:

  • Multiple dirt mounds in your yard: When gophers tunnel through your yard, they create dirt mounds. If you see a fan-shaped mound, that means the gopher is still actively digging. If you see an oval-shaped or round mound, that means the gopher has finished digging that particular tunnel and plugs the exit hole.
  • Damaged plant life and vegetation: If you don’t see dirt mounds, you’re sure to notice if the vegetation and plant life are damaged near your home, especially if you have a garden. Gophers like to eat their food from the roots up to the top. Maybe you planted a special flower, and it all of a sudden is completely gone; a gopher probably pulled it down into its tunnel to feast on or to store for later consumption.

You may not be able to tell right off the bat if you have a gopher problem, but if you notice your yard not being as lush as it used to be, there’s usually a good reason for it, and Northern pocket gophers are usually the culprit. For the best gopher control in Salt Lake City and all other pest needs, turn to Pest Pro Pest Control.

What Attracts Gophers To Your Salt Lake City Yard? 

If you haven’t noticed, with almost all pests, food and shelter sources always bring unwanted outdoor visitors to our properties, and Northern pocket gophers are no different. They don’t want to get inside your home, but the vegetable garden you planted, the rich soil you have, and the bushes and vegetation you have all make your home their dream home (but underground).

What Is The Best Way To Get Rid Of Gophers In Salt Lake City?

The best and only safe and humane way to get rid of gophers is with professional wildlife pest control. But, of course, you can always use no-kill traps, exclusion fencing, and deterrent plants like sage and geranium to repulse them and help keep them away from your property. Just note that these methods only work if done correctly; one misstep and your efforts will be deemed ineffective.

Complete Wildlife Pest Control Services In Salt Lake City

Here in Salt Lake City, the area is known to house gophers, and more specifically, the Northern pocket gopher. These burrowing rodents may have a cute and friendly appearance, but they can wreak havoc on your home, lawn, and garden. Getting rid of gophers on your own and preventing them is hard to do. From applying fencing 18 inches into the ground to determining their tunnels, only wildlife technicians will be able to handle such a job, and we’re the pros to handle gopher prevention and control for you.

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