How To Prevent Wasps Around Your Salt Lake City Yard

Wasp nest on home

Ah, the sounds of spring: birds chirping, lawnmowers humming, and... wasps buzzing around your yard? Even though these stinging insects play an important role in the ecosystem, they can make trying to enjoy your outdoor living spaces almost impossible for you and your guests. From disrupting your backyard barbecues to posing a potential health risk, dealing with wasps buzzing around your yard is no picnic. 

But cast your worries aside. The team at Pest Pro Pest Control is well-equipped with the knowledge and tools to eradicate different types of wasps from your property, allowing you to throw all the outdoor gatherings your heart desires! Continue reading to learn more about wasps and why you should enlist the services of Salt Lake City pest control professionals to get rid of them.

How To Identify A Wasp

Identifying wasps can be tricky as they come in many shapes, sizes, and colors. However, there are a few key characteristics that can help you distinguish a wasp from other flying insects. Wasps have a distinct narrow waist that separates the thorax from the abdomen. Their bodies are also elongated and slender, with a sleek, streamlined appearance. Unlike bees, wasp wings are narrow and fold lengthwise while resting. 

The wasps in the Salt Lake City area can be brown, yellow, black, or a combination of these colors. Some species even have markings on their bodies, like spots or stripes. Wasps are generally more aggressive than bees and can sting repeatedly. They can also become very territorial around food sources.

If you’re consistently encountering these flying insects, there’s probably a nest nearby. Therefore, contact qualified professionals like Pest Pro Pest Control for the best way to get rid of a wasp nest to avoid getting stung.

The Reasons Wasps Around Your Yard Can Be A Problem

Wasps can create a number of headaches for homeowners. They can inflict painful stings that can result in serious health consequences for people allergic to their venom. And even if you're not allergic, getting stung multiple times can be very uncomfortable and potentially dangerous. Some types of wasps are particularly aggressive and will attack humans or pets that they perceive as a threat. 

Wasps typically build their nests in the most inconvenient locations around your home, including eaves, attics, and tree branches, as well as in high-traffic areas. This can be hazardous for you and your family. Eventually, the heaviness of wasp nests can weaken structures and damage your home if you don’t remove them.

If you have wasps on your property, it's always better to hire experts for professional wasp removal. Give Pest Pro Pest Control a call for further assistance.

Ways To Prevent Wasps From Hanging Out In Your Backyard

If you're trying to figure out some simple yet effective ways to keep wasps from hanging out in your backyard, we've got you covered with the tips below:

  • Seal any openings, such as holes and cracks in walls and roofs.
  • Cover your food and drinks when outdoors.
  • Clean up food scraps and spills left behind after eating outside.
  • Plant fragrant herbs that deter wasps with their strong smell, like basil, mint, and thyme.
  • Put up a fake nest to fool real wasps into thinking other wasps are on your territory.

Also, wasps are attracted to ample water sources, so use a swimming pool cover when you’re not using it. Reach out to pest experts like Pest Pro Pest Control for proper wasp nest removal in Salt Lake City.

Contact Us For The Best Wasp Control For Your Yard

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