A Paper Wasp Prevention Guide For Salt Lake City Property Owners

Large Paper Wasp nest in a tree.

Paper mache is a unique and sometimes beautiful art form. If you don’t know what paper mache is, it is a process where the pulped paper is formed into intricate structures and allowed to dry. One place you can see this process is with paper wasps. These stinging insects build elaborate nests out of chewed up paper. As beautiful as these nests can be, finding them around your property is not a good sign. If you are looking for a way to deter these painful pests from setting up their home on your property, here is a simple prevention guide for you to use.

What Are Paper Wasps?

Paper wasps are one of the most common wasp species here in Salt Lake City and worldwide. Known for its brownish color, yellow markings, and sleek appearance, this pest is a regular guest around many Salt Lake City properties. If you find paper wasps around your Salt Lake City yard, there is a good chance their nest is nearby. 

Paper wasps will most often build their hives high up under the eaves of buildings, on trees, or other sources of vegetation. Certain species of paper wasps build their nests underground in abandoned burrows and other large holes. Be extra cautious of these as it only takes one wrong step to start a frenzy.

Why Paper Wasps Build Nests Around Properties

Paper wasps are opportunistic pests. Just like you might choose a home based on its proximity to your job, shopping centers, and recreational facilities, wasps pick where they will construct their nests based on what necessities are nearby. 

If your property has fruit trees, berry bushes, flowers, trees with honeydew on them, regularly dropped food and beverages, and a long list of other sweaty or meaty foods and substances, wasps will be more likely to settle down nearby. Another thing to account for is available locations to build a nest. If your home has eaves, there are trees nearby, or holes are in the ground around your yard, paper wasps will have no trouble finding a place to build a nest.

The Danger Of Paper Wasps

All wasps are dangerous, especially to people with allergies to insect venom. If you are personally allergic, you already know how life-threatening a single sting from one of these pests could be. To find out if you are allergic, consult with your doctor. As for your likely hood of being bitten, paper wasps are generally docile creatures and will only sting you if they feel threatened or if your “attack” their nest. Be extra careful during the fall months, as workers tend to get more protective as their queens prepare for winter.

7 Ways To Deter Wasps From Your Property

  1. Pick up fruits and berries as they fall onto the ground.
  2. Thoroughly clean up after outdoor gatherings making sure not to leave out any food or drinks.
  3. Cover food and drinks when outside, and you are not currently consuming them.
  4. Avoid feeding your pets outdoors.
  5. Consider removing flowers and budding plants from your yard.
  6. Fill in caves and other holes around your property.
  7. Make sure your garbage cans have tight-fitting lids.

The Best Way To Eliminate Wasps

There are two types of wasp nests, those you can handle and those left to a professional. The ones you can take are smaller than the size of a golf ball and knocked down with a long broom. The ones you shouldn’t try to handle on your own are anything more significant. 
Call the Pest Pro Pest Control experts to effectively remove paper wasps nests from your Salt Lake City property. We have been handling dangerous pests for years and have the safety equipment and advanced treatments needed to get rid of your wasp problem ASAP.

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