How To Keep Skunks Away From Your Salt Lake City Home

Skunk walking on a patio.

The main reason most people have a fear of skunks is because of the terrible smelling, tear-gas effect that happens if they spray you. But what’s a homeowner to do if skunks continually prowl around your property, rummaging through trash cans and digging holes in your yard? 

At Pest Pro Pest Control, we provide safe and effective services to remove all types of skunks. Our experienced and resourceful team of technicians delivers exceptional pest control in Salt Lake City with lasting results. Read further to learn about skunks, the best way to remove them, and how to prevent them from returning to your property.

Habits And Behaviors Of Common Urban Skunks

Skunks in Salt Lake City are peaceful creatures that want to find food, warmth, and shelter. They’re nocturnal, so they’re the most active at night. During the winter, skunks congregate in communal dens to stay warm; however, they do not hibernate. Throughout the remainder of the year, skunks typically live solitary lives, searching for food alone. Other than gathering in dens for warmth in the winter, the only additional time skunks are social is during mating season, which runs from mid-February through mid-April. Skunks will birth one to seven litters of offspring from late April through early June.

Skunks Around Your Home Can Be Worse Than Just Stinky

Everyone knows a skunk’s ability to spray you with a chemical that makes your eyes burn and tear up. But skunks hanging around your home can cause more damage than you think. These animals are natural ground dwellers and often seek out caves and cavities for nesting sites. So, look for skunks if your home has an elevated deck, crawl spaces, or similar areas. These animals have sharp claws that can create huge holes when digging. They can tear through metal and plastic mesh, resulting in slashed vent screens.

Their urine and feces can also create an incredibly foul stench that permeates your entire house. This waste can also pose a health hazard. Therefore, contact your professional animal control immediately to get rid of skunks around your home correctly.

How To Remove Factors That Attract Skunks To Your Yard

Perhaps you’ve heard the clanking sound of trash can lids hitting the ground. Or maybe, you caught a glimpse of black and white striped animal figures illuminated by the streetlight in front of your house. Skunks seem to love your yard, and even though it makes you scratch your head wondering why, it’s not a coincidence. Take a look at the list below of factors that may be attracting skunks to your property:

  • Unsecured garbage
  • Pet food left outside
  • Ripe or rotten fallen fruit
  • Rock and wood piles
  • Deck openings

Make sure to secure all outdoor trash bins with tight-fitting lids. Don’t leave uneaten pet food outside. Pick up all fruit from fruit trees that have fallen to the ground. Remove stacks of wood and rock materials—lastly, fence off deck openings with chicken wire to keep skunks from denning.

Contact The Pros For Effective Skunk Removal And Control

A skunk is one of those pests you should never attempt to remove yourself. Getting sprayed by this animal is an unpleasant experience that one wouldn’t wish on their worst enemy. Ever wonder why people sprayed by a skunk react so dramatically? That’s because the chemicals in skunk spray are comparable to tear gas, which is responsible for that excruciating burning sensation. So, think twice before confronting these animals, and instead, contact professional pest control to remove skunks.

Our hundreds of five-star reviews speak for themselves at Pest Pro Pest Control. We have built our decade-long reputation on providing remarkable customer service to our residents. Our seasoned technicians only use the most modern and up-to-date procedures to remove different types of skunks safely. Let us develop a pest control strategy that meets your specific needs. Reach out to us today to request your free consultation.

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