Easy Tricks To Keep Wildlife Away From Your Salt Lake City Yard

Two Raccoons on a roof.

When it comes to pest management, customers often focus on treatments for bugs. If animals or creatures are thought of at all, it’s usually rats or mice. These aren’t the only creeping, crawling threats to be worried about though. There are a host of other critters Salt Lake City residents need to be on alert for, especially if they live by a body of water or a grassy area. Wildlife is on the prowl and may appear to be friendly, fuzzy, and cute, but looks can be deceiving.

The majority are dangerous in some form or fashion. They can either damage buildings, belongings, or transmit illnesses. Several have the ability to do both. For example, humans can pick up histoplasmosis, Lyme disease, or the West Nile virus from wildlife.

Study these four prevention tips to keep wildlife at bay:

Food and Garbage Storage

The main thing that draws wildlife on your land or inside your property is the availability of food and water. Trash cans are a gold mine for specimens like raccoons. Keep your trash in a canister with a form-fitting lid and don’t leave food on your decks and porches if you don't want a visit from:


These four-legged critters are plump, round, and covered in dark fur and their hairs are a blend of brown and black. Their eyes have a distinct black outline that looks like a mask. On their tails, they have black rings. In relation to size, they’re about two to three feet long. If they’re not hanging around water and forests, they’ll be making a den near your chimney, porch, or attic. Infestation signs include damaged roof shingles, insulation, wood, and gardens. Look out for their paw prints, fecal matter, and nesting debris. You might hear their abrupt noises. Raccoons can spread intestinal roundworms.

Clean Up The Lawn

Watery, wooded, and grassy locations are hubs for wildlife. Pests like voles thrive in bushy spots and landscapes. Trim your lawn and greenery regularly set plants at least two feet away from exterior doors. Get rid of organic debris to control these critters:


This species is three to five inches long. They have brown or black fur, tiny circular ears, short tails, and four legs. They dig living burrows in soil and natural matter, destroying vegetation. Salmonella, tularemia, and rabies are some of the diseases that they can carry.

Repair Your Exteriors

Wildlife has an easy time being intrusive when there are openings around foundations. Cracks and crevices by windows, doors, utilities, vents, and rooflines are a welcome doormat. Examine your home or business and search for gaps and seal any you find. Put sweeps and guards on your exterior doors.

Call Pest Pro Pest Control for Wildlife Extermination

Never try tackling wildlife on your own. The risk is just too great. It’s not worth the possibility of being bitten, attacked, or exposed to harmful bacteria and diseases. Plus, the average person doesn't have the knowledge to properly address these pests or the relevant products needed to dispose of them. Commercial store items are limited in their effectiveness and some are hazardous to employ.

Take the more reliable and safe route and contact us at Pest Pro Pest Control. Our technicians are trained to deal with wildlife and the proper use of our advanced equipment. Treatments and approaches may involve traps, baits, and one-way doors; all will be humane and will not bother domestic animals. A comprehensive examination will be performed to ensure we find all the nesting and affected spaces. Call the professionals today at Pest Pro Pest Control today for your free inspection!

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