The Key To Keeping Gophers Out Of Your Salt Lake City Yard

Gopher peeking out of its burrow in the ground on a yard.

There are more than 100 species of gophers living in the United States, but just two call the area of Salt Lake City home. They are medium-sized rodents that feed on vegetation, such as fruits and vegetables and plant leaves and roots. In the wild, gophers’ burrowing behaviors help aerate the soil, bring minerals to the soil's surface quicker and better, and allow the soil to absorb water. However, when they make their way onto properties, they destroy plants and result in patches of dead grass on your lawn. Gophers’ underground activity also causes damage to systems such as sprinklers, water lines, irrigation pipes, and underground utility cables located under the soil.
Read on to learn about how to tell if gophers are in your yard and what attracts gophers to your Salt Lake City yard. We also include information on the best way to get rid of gophers in Salt Lake City and more about complete wildlife pest control services in Salt Lake City.

How To Tell If Gophers Are In Your Yard?

In Utah, two species of gophers inhabit the state: the northern pocket gopher inhabits the north part of the state, where Salt Lake City is, and the Botta’s pocket gopher inhabits the state's central and southern areas.
The northern pocket gopher measures eight inches long, on average, with an almost hairless, pink tail that is 2.5 inches long. It’s best known and identified for its large, fur-lined cheek pouches, which they use to store and transport food. These rodents can also be characterized by their small eyes and ears, long, sharp front teeth, and brownish-gray fur.

What Attracts Gophers To Your Salt Lake City Yard?

A well-groomed, lush lawn will receive admiration from neighbors and gophers. These pests are drawn to healthy lawns with moist soil. Here are a few other factors that attract them:

  • Lawns rife with weeds, such as alfalfa and dandelion  
  • Lawns or gardens with root plants are prevalent, such as grasses, radishes, potatoes, carrots, flowers, trees, and shrubs
  • Lawns that are home to a healthy insect population

What Is The Best Way To Get Rid Of Gophers In Salt Lake City?

The most effective way to get rid of gophers in Salt Lake City, for good, is with professional pest control services, especially before these pests go on to destroy yard spaces.
Pest Pro Pest Control is a locally-owned and operated, family-owned business serving residents and businesses in Salt Lake City since 2010. Known for our customer-centric approach, we offer flexible scheduling options to meet our clients' needs and provide them with fast, safe, and effective services. We put endless effort into ensuring that every customer is 100-percent satisfied with our services.  
If you suspect you have gophers or other pests, call Pest Pro Pest Control today.

Complete Wildlife Pest Control Services In Salt Lake City 

Pest Pro Pest Control’s service visits consist of three steps: inspection, treatment, and follow-up. Here’s more on each:

  1. Inspection: Upon arrival, we’ll perform both interior and exterior inspections of your home or business. This allows us to identify problem areas that need particular focus and recommend ways to help prevent pests from invading your home or property.
  2. Treatment: Treatment services are based on the findings of the initial inspection. We’ll treat all areas, from your foundation, windows, doors, and baseboards, to closets, cabinets, draws, and cupboards. 
  3. Follow-up: Our follow-up treatments are scheduled bi-monthly or quarterly, depending on your needs.
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