What Not To Do About Termites On Your Salt Lake City Property

Termite crawling on wood.

Salt Lake City home and business owners often are victims to wood-eating insects like termites. They can single-handedly destroy a property, and with speed. Residents may have to relocate, either temporarily or permanently, and the costs to fix termite damage can be staggering.

It’s amazing how ruinous termites can be without being noticed until later, since they do all their deeds from inside walls. Every year, Americans spend a total of five billion dollars for termite prevention and repair. Insurance companies tend to be the only ones unscathed, as they often don’t cover the costs associated with termite damage. Learn what you shouldn’t do to combat termites, and why you should contact Pest Pro Pest Control. 

How Do Termites Operate? What Are Infestation Signs?

Getting the gist of termite function is fundamental to conquering them. Workers, soldiers, and swarmers make up the colony. Workers are a small 1/8 of an inch long, and grayish-white or white. Soldiers, which watch over the group are yellow-brown, rectangle-headed bugs with sharp jaws. The winged swarmers are yellow, brown, or black, about ½ of an inch long, and during mating and nest building season in the spring, you'll see them emerging from drilled holes, and buzzing toward lights. Swarmer sightings are the number one sign of infestation. Other indicators include:

  • Withering drywall that’s faded
  • Noticing maze patterns, mud tubes, and pinpoint holes in walls
  • Dislodged tiles and feeble floorboards
  • Baggy, peeling, or spotty paint that could be mistaken for water damage
  • Seeing salt and pepper-like piles; it’s fecal frass
  • Walls that are hollow-sounding
  • Finding scaly swarmer wings

Will DIY Termite Methods Work? How Can Termites Be Prevented?

Independent or “at home” channels that people often try include using vinegar, orange oil, and/or boric acid on affected areas. Some will even try to shine natural sunlight on a space. Commercial items, such as liquids, sprays, and baits are also employed. While these options may kill or repel termites for a time, it will only be for a moment, assuming it works in the first place. Each termite subspecies requires a different approach, and most homeowners don’t have the expertise to distinguish one from another.

Something else to keep in mind are the extremes in potency with over-the-counter products. Many are too diluted and weak, as others are incredibly strong. The possible toxic consequences aren’t worth the gamble. Another factor is the label instructions, which can be difficult to break down and understand. You could possibly misapply something and generate a negative chemical effect.

Retail goods will only provide a brief, localized respite on the surface. Termites organize far into foundations and in large numbers, so in order for your home or business to survive, a robust, vast, and high-performing solution is necessary.

Attempting to keep termites out should be your first priority in trying to prevent an infestation. Preventive measures you can take are:

  • Getting rid of bad wood.
  • Repairing all moisture faults and replacing damp wood.
  • Making sure to keep loose wood, like logs, off of soil.
  • Sealing gaps around foundations and utility lines.
  • Keeping greenery and free wood stored a few feet away from exterior doors.

What Can Pest Pro Pest Control Do About Termites?

The trained technicians at Pest Pro Pest Control will get between your property and termite nests with an effective treatments that result in the dissipation of colonies, and protection from new formations. Pre-construction care and detailed wood-destroying insect/organism reports are available. Contact us through our website or call us today for a free inspection!

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