Mud Daubers In Salt Lake City: Friend Or Foe?

Mud Dauber Wasp on budding flowers.

Even though mud daubers are a type of wasps, they are not necessarily the most dangerous wasp on your property. It is important to work with Salt Lake City pest control to remove any infestations of this pest, as mud daubers can still deliver stings to you or your loved ones.

What Does A Mud Dauber Nest Look Like?

Unlike other wasps with larger papery structures or a comb-like appearance in their nests, mud daubers build their nests out of mud (hence their name) and typically shape them into thin, long structures similar to organ pipes. Other wasps will construct their nests in a round, urn-shaped fashion. These distinctive nest types make mud daubers easier to identify on your property – keep a look out around the siding of your home or business, on trees, and under eaves, as these are where you are most likely to encounter mud dauber nests.

Mud Dauber Habits And Behavior

Mud daubers are slightly more docile than other wasp species and prefer to keep to themselves in their nests. They will sting if you get close enough to them or if they feel especially threatened, but their venom is milder, and the sting won’t be as painful. However, there is always a chance of allergic reaction to stinging insects, so if you experience difficulty breathing or swallowing after receiving a mud dauber bite, seek medical attention immediately.

Is It True That Mud Daubers Will Eat Spiders On My Property?

Mud daubers can indeed eat spiders on your property. Their favorite type of spider is the dangerous black widow, but they can and will eat any spider they come across. This behavior, combined with their relatively less aggressive behavior toward humans, makes some want to encourage mud daubers to live on their property and help keep spider populations to a minimum.

How To Get Rid Of Mud Daubers Safely And Effectively

Large infestations of mud daubers on your property may be helpful when it comes to controlling spiders, but it is always a good idea to get rid of this pest before they sting you and cause potential health risks. To get rid of mud daubers safely and effectively, you can follow these helpful prevention tips:

  • Eliminate pest prey infestations around your property, as large populations of spiders, cockroaches, and ants can also attract mud dauber infestations. Our experts at Pest Pro Pest Control can help with this.
  • Ensure that your yard has proper drainage and fix leaks that create excess water. These wet areas can create mud for mud daubers to build their nests out of, encouraging them to live on your property.
  • Attract mud dauber predators around your property by using bird feeders. As birds frequent your property, mud daubers are more likely to stay far away.
  • Utilize peppermint oil around your property to deter mud daubers from setting up their nests – they hate the smell of this essential oil. Spray peppermint oil on the areas where you want to deter nests, such as porch eaves and the siding of your property.

Additionally, you should contact Pest Pro Pest Control at the first signs of any major mud dauber infestations. Professional pest control assistance is the most reliable way to remove this pest without risking getting stung.

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