Four Handy Rodent Prevention Tips For Salt Lake City Property Owners

Mouse on the floor.

Pests can make life really difficult for home and business owners in Salt Lake City. They seem determined to ruin everything in their sight, often with long-term consequences. Some pests can cause structural damage, while others destroy personal effects. A lot of them are vessels of sickness, as they carry germs that they can pass on to you, your family, and your pets. Your residence may end up not being a safe place to live, or your business could lose customers and employees and have to shut down. Rodents are particularly treacherous, and fit all of the mentioned categories.

It can be tricky keeping rodents off your property. It’s simple for them to get indoors and stay, especially when they populate so quickly. You’d have to locate each and every rodent in order to eliminate an infestation; that is, if you’re actually successful, so prevention is vital. Use these four tips, with information on Pest Pro Pest Control to beat these critters. 

Tip #1 Fix the Fractures

When rodents, such as deer mice, invade a home or business, it’s because they’re seeking shelter and are in pursuit of food, water, and the comforts of warmth and moisture. As previously stated, coming into a property is quite simple for them. They can get past a hole 1/2 of an inch around, and if they need to widen it, they will with their sharp teeth. It’s that much easier if the spot they’re targeting is frail or not constructed properly. From there, they’ll conceal themselves and breed in a cabinet or wall void. Cracks and crevices near doors, windows, foundations, utilities, and vents should be sealed. Any plumbing leaks or similar issues need to be repaired as soon as possible.

Deer mice: These rodents are about three inches long. They have big, beady black eyes and pointed noses. Color-wise, their fur is reddish-brown with a white abdominal tone.

Tip #2 Clean Carefully

Keeping things neat and clean is a substantial part of pest management. To discourage rodents from hanging out, you’ll need to ensure they don’t have much food to consume. Put your food, including pet food, in containers with well-fitting tops. Do the same for trash, and make taking it out a habit. Don’t let full garbage bags sit for long. Clean the kitchen in a detailed fashion. Make sure you mop your floors and wipe your countertops down frequently. Wash dishes often. Try to reduce clutter. Turn the air-conditioner or a dehumidifier on to regulate moisture.

Tip #3 Nurture the Lawn

The exterior of your property needs maintaining just like the interior. Keep in mind that rodents, like the Norway rat, are naturally outdoor creatures. They thrive in fields, weeds, tall grass, and wooded areas., so if your property is in this kind of environment, rodent will be drawn to it. There needs to be a stark contrast between their habitat and your yard. Grass and greenery should be cut frequently, your plants and flowers should be several feet away from the building, and gutters and vents should be routinely cleaned out.

Norway rats: Chunky gray or brown fur covers the 15 inch long bodies of these critters, and their tails can be up to seven inches long. They build soil tunnels outdoors, which can cause significant lawn damage.

Tip #4 Contact Pest Pro Pest Control

Rodents can spread diseases like salmonellosis and hantavirus. Since they constantly chew on material to keep their front teeth filed down, your property could have cosmetic damage or an electrical fire if they bite a wire. Eliminate them with help from us at Pest Pro Pest Control. Our long-lasting treatments involve bait stations, safe pesticides, and more. Our highly trained technicians will address entry points too. When you call us today, we’ll offer a no-obligation inspection free of charge!

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