Five Easy Tips To Keep Dangerous Wildlife Away From Your Salt Lake City Property

Skunk running in a green yard.

If given the opportunity, the local wildlife would like nothing more than to call your Salt Lake City property home. Before we can dive into prevention tips, it’s important to understand the most common wildlife to be on guard against. These animals include:

  • Raccoon: This animal is arguably the most common nuisance wildlife you’ll find in the city. They are somewhat large with gray fur and a distinct “mask” marking on their face. Raccoons are resourceful in seeking both food and shelter. They are known to be aggressive when they feel threatened or cornered. 
  • Skunk: The good news is this animal is fairly docile. However, they represent a significant threat to your property thanks to their long claws and toxic spray. They are mostly black in color with a white stripe running down their body.  
  • Squirrel: While there are many breeds, they are recognizable on sight thanks to their bushy tails and desire to run across the ground and trees. Thanks to their tree climbing, they can often end up inside a home or business if the tree is close enough.

So Many Problems

Animals like the ones we mentioned don’t earn the distinction as a nuisance or threat without causing a range of problems. Some basic problems you might face with nuisance wildlife in your property include endless scurrying, scratching, gnawing, and other sounds of movement.

In addition, some animals such as skunks or squirrels are known to cause severe property damage thanks to their scratching into materials such as sheetrock and insulation. Plus, they will gladly chew your electrical wires and other materials. Despite the potential damage to your property, there is one other concern that can’t be ignored when wildlife invades your Salt Lake City property.

This concern is strictly the potential threat to your health and wellbeing. At a minimum, people have been known to have elevated stress levels and develop insomnia due to the presence of nuisance wildlife. However, some such as raccoons, squirrels, and other similar animals can transmit a range of diseases including rabies, tuberculosis, infectious enteritis, and coccidiosis.

Check Out These Prevention Tips

If animals aren’t attracted to your property or can’t get inside, then you will remain protected. That’s why we’ve put together some handy prevention tips to consider:

  1. Inspect for damage and openings: The local wildlife is a bunch of opportunists. As such, they will find their way through damaged screens, exhaust fan openings, and open chimneys among other entry points. Seal off those entry points and install things like chimney caps or attic vent coverings to keep them out. 
  2. Check the roof: It’s crucial to check the roof for any water damage or other signs of disrepair. If there’s an opening or weak point, they will make themselves at home. 
  3. Practice landscaping: This involves cutting tree limbs back at least six feet from the roofline. Also, any firewood should be stored a minimum of 20 feet away. These and other similar tasks will go far in wildlife prevention. 
  4. Watch the trash: Some animals such as raccoons love to dig through your trash. For this reason, you’ll want to ensure the garbage is kept in a secure container that can’t be opened by animals. Also, keep garbage away from the house. 
  5. Keep the pet food inside: If wildlife is a concern for you, then it’s time to feed your pet indoors. The local wildlife won’t be picky and will think you’re feeding them too. Don’t fall into that trap.

No More Wildlife With Pest Pro Pest Control

In general, we all accept that animals are meant to be around, which is why there are conservation laws. However, that doesn’t mean they belong on your property or in your home. That’s why our team at Pest Pro Pest Control is standing by to ensure any wildlife getting too close finds somewhere else to be while ensuring everyone remains safe in the process.

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