How To Prevent Raccoons From Hanging Around Your Salt Lake City Property

Two raccoons peeking from a roof.

Getting rid of raccoons on your property can quickly become a battle of wits. These highly intelligent critters can problem-solve with the best of them, easily evading capture time after time. So, what's a homeowner to do when these little bandits keep coming around your home, causing significant disturbances? Thankfully, the Salt Lake City pest control professionals understand this dilemma and stand ready to leap into action.

Pest Pro Pest Control guarantees swift removal of raccoons so you can resume enjoying your property without the presence of disruptive nuisance pests. Our expertly trained team work with customers to streamline a treatment program that fits your specific needs and situation. Read on to learn more about these mammals and why professional raccoon control methods work the best.

Why Raccoons Love Urban Areas

Unlike their usual farm or woodland habitats, urban areas provide raccoons with an overabundance of food that requires less effort. These creatures consume anything available, so it's not difficult for them to stumble across an array of dining options while rummaging through your garbage cans. Whatever they can get their little paws on is all fair game. Cities make the prime destination spot for raccoons because of the large quantities of food thrown out daily from restaurants, homes, and hotels. It's common to find a raccoon lurking around a dumpster in a dark alleyway looking for its next meal.

If you've noticed raccoons skulking around your residence, resist the urge to tackle the problem yourself and reach out to qualified raccoon pest control near you for further assistance.

Why You Don't Want Raccoons Hanging Around Your House

Some may think raccoons have adorable faces with that all too familiar black mask around their eyes. Still, that sentiment quickly changes after waking up to a yard resembling the aftermath of a natural disaster. Raccoons consider your property their playground. They're known for knocking over trash cans and spilling their contents all over your yard. They consume your ripe or damaged vegetables, fruits, and any other plants in your garden. Your berry bushes don't stand a chance. These critters aren't done yet, as they can also destroy your home's structures and personal items. Get in touch with your local pest control for raccoons if these animals keep coming around.

Simple Tips To Prevent Raccoon Activity Around Your Yard

Effective raccoon pest control starts with prevention. If you were to take inventory of your yard right now, they're most likely elements that keep attracting raccoons to your property. These animals constantly search for food and optimal places to nest. To keep raccoons away, the key is to make your environment as unattractive as possible. Check out some simple tips below to get you started:

  • Block all access points to potential hiding places underneath your porch or deck.
  • Use trash cans with lids that fit snugly and can't be knocked off easily.
  • Build a perimeter around your garden to protect it. 
  • Remove all potential food sources. 
  • Dry up or drain any excess moisture or standing water.

Ramp up your lawn care routine to eliminate bugs raccoons feed on, like tiny beetle larvae and grubs. Contact pest management professionals for additional raccoon prevention and control tips or information.

The Safest Way To Remove Raccoons from Your Property

One of the safest ways to rid your property of raccoons is to enlist the services of professional pest control specialists. They have the training, knowledge, skills, and latest equipment to quickly remove these nuisance pests.

With a decade of experience, Pest Pro Pest Control has been providing exceptional pest management solutions to our Utah residents that they can rely on. We offer the best raccoon control in Salt Lake City to reestablish your peaceful environment. Reach out to us today to schedule a consultation.

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