What Everyone In Davis County Ought To Know About Skunk Control

A nuisance wild life skunk in a yard

Davis County has a lot to offer: skiing, parks, hiking, golfing, shopping, and sights! There is much to love about Davis, except skunks! But these dangerous, nocturnal residents love Davis as much we do. So what can you do to safeguard your property against skunks? Pro Pest Pest Control has all you need to know to start eliminating skunks today!

What Is A Skunk?

You can find spotted and striped skunks throughout Utah. Skunks are common nocturnal wild animals across America, recognized by the white patterns along their black bodies and infamous for the terrible smell they emit when threatened. They’re famous for burrowing, hiding, and foraging for food.

Striped skunks are larger than spotted skunks, averaging six to ten pounds. They’re covered in bushy black fur with a white stripe starting at the head and splitting into two stripes down the back and tail. Spotted skunks are smaller, weighing two to four pounds. They’re also covered in bushy black fur, with white spots and short, irregular white stripes across their bodies.

Skunks are omnivorous, enjoying a wide variety of edibles. They are accustomed to living near people and are generally aware of the food and shelter available near homes. They are common both in urban and rural areas, posing similar issues to households and businesses.

Skunk Dangers

Skunks can be dangerous as they can introduce illness-inducing pathogens. They can carry rabies, for example, which affects both pets and people. Like many pests, they carry a host of unseen dangers (such as disease-carrying parasites), making them especially dangerous.
Skunks can spray their potentially fatal sulfur-smelling liquid up to ten feet from a gland near their tail. This spray is a defense mechanism emitted when skunks feel threatened. The spray can cause a runny nose, nausea, watery eyes, and even temporary blindness if it reaches the eyes. A skunk's smell remains in the air for many days and can be hard to get out of clothing, a pet's fur, and skin.
As skunks search for food, their digging can cause property damage. They are well-known for attacking chickens and feasting on eggs. Skunks will forage through garbage and compost bins in search of any sustenance they can find.

How Do I Prevent Skunks?

The first step to preventing skunks is to understand where they like to go, why they come, and how to make your property less appealing and accessible for skunks and other wildlife. Armed with this knowledge, you're well on your way to preparing your property to detract skunks.
Skunks are masters at adapting to both rural and urban landscapes. Any area with shelter and food readily available will be attractive to skunks. Properties near fields, pastureland, and forested regions tend to have the most issues with skunks.

Skunks feast on various foods, anything from eggs, rodents, pet food, and garbage to fruit, insects, compost, and berries. They will also be looking for a place to hunker down on your property. Here are a few ways that you, along with Pest Pro Pest Control, can prepare your property to reduce its attractiveness to skunks and other wildlife:

  • If you keep chickens, secure coops and gather their eggs daily.
  • Collect any uneaten pet food after pets’ meals. 
  • Secure and maintain natural food sources, such as gardens and outdoor fruits and vegetables.
  • Lock compost and garbage bin lids.
  • Install fencing that extends into the ground to make it harder for skunks to burrow underneath. 
  • Remove wood, brush, and other yard debris that skunks can tunnel underneath. 
  • Partner with the experts at Pro Pest Pest Control.

Getting Rid Of Skunks

Skunks are a dangerous and irritating issue that can be difficult to solve alone, even with the best at-home measures in place. The most effective way to eliminate skunks and other wildlife is to contact Pro Pest Pest Control, your friendly ally, to fight against such dangerous pests. We're local and will come alongside you to protect your residential and commercial properties against skunks and other pests!
At Pro Pest Pest Control, we know that you deserve the best. That’s why we guarantee our pest control services. We’ll work until your property is as free of pests as possible so that you can get back to all that Davis County has to offer. Are you ready to learn more about our wildlife control services? Contact Pro Pest Pest Control to find out how we can serve you!

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