Are You Struggling With Skunks In Salt Lake City?

Skunk looking for food in yard

When you first think of skunks, the first thing that probably comes to mind is the cartoon character Pepe Lé Pew. He was the hopeless romantic skunk that would meet love interests, and they actually like him too until he got too close and they started to smell him! That’s kind of how skunks work in real life, as far as the foul smell.

In Salt Lake City, skunks are very common, especially if you live in rural areas, but they also know how to adapt to urban areas as well. Utah is home to two specific skunk breeds; the striped skunk and the spotted skunk. When you see them, you’ll know what they are, and when you do see them, you need to call a wildlife expert like Salt Lake City Pest Control immediately!

Where Do Skunks Like To Hide?

Skunks are known to reside in fields and meadows or forests, but it’s also good to know that they love being near water, so swamp areas are another place you’ll find them. The only reason they wander onto Salt Lake City properties is for food and shelter, and if your home has the food, they’ll move in just to be close to the source of food you provide them.

When they enter your property, you’ll want to be careful of their presence because they’re a form of wildlife that isn’t afraid of humans. These pests like to hide under decks, in garages, under sheds, in rabbit holes, crawl spaces, and tall grass. Because Salt Lake City is known for skunks, your home will likely have one show up now and then; just don’t provoke it, or you know what will happen! Just go inside and call us, your local wildlife removal company. 

What To Do If You Have Been Sprayed By A Skunk

If a skunk has sprayed you, they say to take a tomato juice bath, which has never proved to work; Here is a better solution. 

  • 1 tsp liquid dish soap
  • ¼ c baking soda
  • One qt 3% hydrogen peroxide

Combine these ingredients, use them immediately for five minutes, and rinse for effectiveness. Repeat as many times as you need. Do not apply to the eyes or mouth. Getting sprayed should be an indicator to talk with a professional about getting your wildlife management under control!

Ways To Deter Skunks In Salt Lake City

In addition to our wildlife control services, these prevention methods will deter skunks from your Salt Lake City home.

  • Make sure your trash can lids are closed tightly, or place a heavy object on top.
  • Add perimeter fencing to your yard that is placed deep within the ground.
  • Properly store pet food and empty and clean your pet’s water and food bowls.
  • Secure chicken coops and their eggs (if you own chickens).

Because skunks are so prevalent all over Utah, you’re bound to see them, but with these methods in place, you can keep them at bay.

Keeping Skunks Away From Your House For Good

The skunks in Salt Lake City are very territorial, and as mentioned earlier, they’re not afraid of humans, so your efforts to try and scare them are pointless and set you up for a good spraying. 

The only way to successfully get skunks away from your home is to get in touch with Pest Pro Pest Control. We don’t just specialize in bugs; we specialize in wildlife pest control as well. Give us a call for all your pest control needs, including wildlife!

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