What To Do About Nuisance Wildlife In Your Salt Lake City Yard

A squirrel sitting in the grass

Our home is where we go to feel safe and secure, and our yard is an extension of our home. We want our gardens and our lawns to flourish, our flower beds to produce beautiful blossoms, and to feel comfortable letting our pets out by themselves. More than that, we want our family and children to be safe when they are out in the yard.

However, there is a lot of wildlife in Salt Lake City, and their never-ending search for shelter, food, and water sometimes leads them right to our yards, compromising the safety and security of our homes and families in the process.

Types Of Problematic Wildlife In Salt Lake City

Utah is home to many species of wild animals, including deer, mountain goats, elk, and moose. While all of these animals are impressive and could cause a lot of damage if they wanted to, residents of Salt Lake City are more likely to be bothered by some of the following animals:

  1. Raccoons: These masked dumpster-divers are prolific nuisance animals in Salt Lake City. They constantly are found raiding trash cans, stealing pet food, and sometimes even getting into your sheds and chimneys.
  2. Opossums: Like the raccoon, opossums are known for rooting through your garbage and stealing your pet’s food. They'll often take up residence under porches as well.
  3. Squirrels: These rodents are capable of digging up your garden, destroying your flower beds, and ruining your shrubs and bushes. They also can easily access your home by squeezing through tiny holes in the siding, causing more damage by chewing things like wires and possibly spreading diseases to humans.
  4. Skunks: Also interested in your trash, skunks spray a nasty odor when they feel threatened, which can stick to you, your yard, or your pet and stay odorous for a long time.
  5. Bats: If there is food, water, or shelter, bats will move in. They are prevalent in Salt Lake City and will try to move into your shed or home if they can get in.

The Dangers Wildlife Bring To Salt Lake City Properties

Having wildlife in your Salt Lake City yard can cause all kinds of problems for both you, your family, and possibly your pets:

  • Yard damage: Squirrels and other rodents can cause significant damage to your lawn, garden, and other plants. They chew on plants, dig them up, and dig holes, which could harm you or your family if you were to twist an ankle in one of them.
  • Possible attacks: If there are opossums living under your porch, raccoons rooting through your trash, or skunks hanging out on the property, it is possible for you, a family member, or a pet to be attacked by them if they were to feel threatened. Skunks will also defend themselves by spraying; they don’t care how close it is to your house.
  • Spread diseases: The worst possible case is that a rabid animal will bite you or a pet. However, they may also spread other diseases, like canine distemper, Lyme disease (if hosting ticks with the disease), and others.

Practical Wildlife Prevention Tips For Salt Lake City Properties

There are steps Salt Lake City property owners can take to prevent the presence of wildlife on their properties. Here are a few:

  • Clean up trash: Store and dispose of trash away from the building and in an animal-proof bin.
  • Seal up entry points: To keep animals like rodents, bats, and squirrels out, make sure all entry points in the building are caulked up.
  • Clean yard: If you remove debris in your yard, this removes any possible hiding spots for wildlife, making your property less appealing to them.

The Key To Effective Wildlife Control In Salt Lake City

Whether you have wildlife in your Salt Lake City yard or not, the best thing you can do is call us at Pest Pro Pest Control. Our expert technicians work to customize their treatments to fit your specific situation and needs, allowing them to deliver the highest quality care to you and your family. We know how difficult it can be to own a home or a business here in Salt Lake City — let us take care of the wildlife for you.

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