How To Keep Raccoons Away From Your Salt Lake City Property

Raccoon in attic

Raccoons are amusing critters and are fun to watch from a distance. It’s less enjoyable when you’re raking your garbage up off the lawn after they’ve scattered it everywhere. These masked bandits go from entertainer to nuisance when they choose your property as their playground. Fortunately, there are steps you can take to make your property less appealing to them and keep them away from your Salt Lake City property.

What Is A Raccoon?

Raccoons are medium-sized, furry mammals that live mainly in forested areas. They have a salt and pepper coat, rings around their bushy tail, and a mask of black across their dark eyes. They live all across the United States in dens they create by burrowing or using hollow spaces in trees, attics, and chimneys. These dens are found near a water source.

Raccoons are nocturnal animals, like chubby bandits in the night. They are very intelligent and will take no time to tear into your garbage cans in search of their next meal if given the chance. Because they are omnivores, they will eat just about anything they can get their tiny black paws on. They are very cute and amusing to watch, but they may also be disease-ridden and destructive.

Are Raccoons Dangerous Or Just A Nuisance?

Not all raccoons are dangerous. Most are just curious creatures looking for a meal, but it’s also common for them to be infested with fleas, ticks, and often rabies. These are not things you want on your property. It is important to remember that these cute, inquisitive fluff balls are in fact wild animals and should be regarded as such.

Raccoons may damage your home by tearing shingles off the roof to gain access to your attic and chimney. If you find your garbage cans ripped open and trash scattered across your yard, it’s almost guaranteed that raccoons are responsible. These trash pandas let little stand between them and food.

How To Discourage Raccoons From Entering Your Yard

The best way to keep raccoons from becoming a nuisance to you and your property is to discourage them from entering it. They will usually enter your property in search of two things: food and shelter. Therefore, eliminating these resources should keep you well protected. Following these three tips will help:

Keep your yard free of nesting areas. Raccoons will seek shelter in hollow trees, wood stacks, and brush piles. Keep these piles stored away from your home to discourage raccoons from building dens in them.

Secure food sources. Make sure your garbage cans are secure with properly fitting lids or stored in an enclosed space that raccoons can’t access. Bird feeders and fountains will are also enticing, so be sure to consider this before installing them on your property.

Repair and seal entry points. Make sure your roof is in good repair, and that your chimney is fitted with a mesh cover to keep raccoons out.

The best offense is a good defense, so by following these tips and making your property less appealing to raccoons, you will find that you have significantly fewer problems with them.

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