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Squirrel Identification Guide

What are squirrels?

Tree squirrels are the most common type of squirrel in Salt Lake City and beyond. They have reddish-brown, gray, or brown colored fur covering their long body and thick bushy tail. More than a fashion statement, their long bushy tail provides them with excellent balance as they leap from treetop to treetop.
Squirrels are magical little creatures to watch as they run at top speed up and down trees with no fear of heights or falling. But, it is important to remember that squirrels are rodents. Any rodent living in our yards or homes is dangerous and destructive — no matter how cute they may be!

squirrel crawling on fence

Are squirrels dangerous?

Squirrels are dangerous and problematic pests. Some of the issues squirrels create when living on our properties or inside our homes include:

  • Chewing through and damaging siding, trim, wires, pipes, and ducts

  • Causing short circuits or even fires

  • Contaminating insulation and drywall with their urine and excrement

  • Digging into and damaging upholstered furniture

  • Contaminating food

  • Introducing fleas, ticks, and mites into the home

  • Damaging gardens

Why do I have a squirrel problem?

Squirrel populations are quite large, especially in areas where there are plenty of trees for them to nest in. Wooded areas, parks, and our yards are some of their favorite hangouts. They love to inhabit our yards because they provide them with their basic needs — food, water, and shelter. Our gardens, trash cans, and compost bins, and trees provide these omnivores with plenty of food and shelter.

Squirrels are mostly outdoor pests but do sometimes move inside our homes, usually to escape weather that is unsuitable. Our homes provide squirrels with safe shelter in temperature-controlled areas.

Where will I find squirrels?

Squirrels live and nest in trees and use the branches to get from place to place. They also use utility wires and fences as their personal highway system.

When squirrels choose to move into our homes, garages, or sheds, common nesting sites include chimneys, attics, wall voids, lawnmowers, cars, and inside storage boxes.

Squirrels are adaptable and can make themselves at home almost anywhere, which is why these pests are so hard to control.

How do I get rid of squirrels?

A squirrel infestation is a frustrating pest problem. The easiest way to get rid of squirrels and other wild animals is to partner with Pest Pro Pest Control. We provide the effective services needed to protect Utah residential and commercial properties from wildlife, insects, rodents, and other pests.

At Pest Pro Pest Control, we are committed to helping Utah home and business owners maintain pest-free properties with our guaranteed pest control services. For more information about our wildlife control treatments, reach out to Pest Pro Pest Control today!

How can I prevent squirrels in the future?

Keep your Salt Lake City home and yard protected from squirrels with the help of Pest Pro Pest Control and the following prevention tips:

  • Remove brush piles, woodpiles, and overgrown vegetation where squirrels can nest.

  • Squirrels love a bird feeder. Remove bird feeders from your yard or place them as far away from your home as possible.

  • Don’t purposely feed squirrels.

  • Place metal sheeting around the base of trees located near your home to prevent squirrels from being able to climb them easily.

  • Trim tree branches away from your roof to help stop squirrels from being able to access your roof easily.

  • Repair any damage to your home’s foundation, exterior walls, or roofline.

  • Place tight-fitting caps on the chimney.

  • Seal spaces around utilities leading into your home using steel wool which holds up against a squirrel’s sharp front incisors.

  • Keep garage, shed, and basement doors closed as much as possible.


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