The Problem With Squirrels On Your Salt Lake City Property

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With their bushy tails, big eyes, and fuzzy exteriors, squirrels may look cute, but the problems they can cause in Salt Lake City are not. Did you know that there are more than 200 species of squirrels found across the globe? Many of these squirrels are found in the United States, but will differ in habits based on the type they are.

Typically speaking, the types of squirrels that might be spotted in the area are: northern flying squirrel, western gray squirrel, American red squirrel, and Douglas squirrel. As fluffy, endearing looking rodents, most people don’t pay them any mind and even encourage them by feeding them. Feeding squirrels only trains them to come back for more, so in effect, some homeowners may be causing their own issues. 

The Dangers That Come With Squirrels

While squirrels may appear cute and harmless, they actually pose several serious threats to both property and health. Here are a few of the issues that squirrels can cause:

  • Disease: Though it is inconclusive as to how dangerous squirrels are to humans, they are known to carry a host of diseases and will become aggressive when they feel threatened. If you get bitten by a squirrel, you should seek medical attention immediately.

  • Damage: Squirrels are constant gnawers and they will chew at anything that they believe might be food. They are more than capable at causing significant damage to your home structure or any wood (i.e. sheds or garages) around your Salt Lake City property. It should also be noted that squirrels will gnaw at insulation and wires as well.

  • Transport for other pests: Because squirrels are rodents, they can also serve as unwilling hosts for other nuisance pests like ticks, fleas, and bed bugs. Parasitical hitchhikers will get a free ride on the backs of squirrels and as they cover a lot of ground around your property, and potentially in the walls of your home, they will spread these pests around with the greatest of ease.

  • Smell: A squirrel’s fecal output and urine will leave a truly unpleasant odor if they make it inside your home.

Preventing Squirrels

Squirrels are an issue worth preventing at all costs. They will damage everything from outdoor telephone lines to the insulation inside your home, and all with the greatest of ease. To protect your home and your family from squirrels, consider the following tips:

  • Ensure that any vents and openings to chimneys are sealed.

  • Dispose of your garbage regularly.

  • Keep all food and food-related trash stored securely.

  • Make sure that tree limbs are cut back six to eight feet from your home's roofline. This is a key way that they gain entrance to your home. Additionally, clear any other tree branches from your property.

  • Seal up cracks around your home's foundation and repair any worn weather stripping, window or door screens, and other vulnerable points in your home's perimeter.

  • Remove or reduce any bird feeders around your property.

  • Do not feed squirrels human food, either. If they start getting fed, they will continuously return for more of the good stuff! If you do not want them as recurring guests at your summer bbqs, don't reward them with food for showing up.

A squirrel is not a pest that should be dealt with by yourself. For more advice or assistance when it comes to kicking the squirrels out, contact the professionals at Pro Pest Control today.

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