Keeping Those Pesky Squirrels Away From Your Salt Lake City Home

Squirrel eating a peanut at a walkway near grass.

There are hundreds of funny videos uploaded online that contain squirrels. Their antics at bird feeders, interactions with humans when used to their presence, and cute faces might appeal to people. Believe it or not, squirrels are one of the many reasons why professional pest control in Salt Lake City is needed. Read on to learn why squirrels can be dangerous to human health and how Pest Pro Pest Control can help you remove the squirrels from your home today.

The Types Of Squirrels That Hang Around Yards

Most people don't even know that there are various different types of squirrels, especially in Salt Lake City. The most common is the American red squirrel. No surprise, this type has reddish-brown fur, a white underbelly, and white fur around its eyes. The next kind is the Abert's squirrel. This one is very different; it is gray, with a brown stripe running down its back. Lastly, there is the flying squirrel. Unique for its thin membrane of skin attached to its underarms and legs, this squirrel doesn't fly so much as glide, and it is tan in color.

The Diseases Squirrels Are Capable Of Spreading

If squirrels are terrorizing your yard, reach out for professional pest control in Salt Lake City. Trying to remove them on your own could put you and your family at risk of contracting a terrible disease.

Below are some of the most common illnesses they can spread to humans:

  • Rabies: Rabies is one of the most deadly diseases around, and squirrels sometimes carry it. If one bites or scratches you, seek immediate medical treatment.
  • Lyme Disease: While it is actually a tick's fault for passing on Lyme disease, they often ride on squirrels before transferring to a human host. Lyme disease can cause stiffness and nerve pain, as well as possible swelling of the brain or spinal cord.
  • Salmonella: Squirrels can transmit this bacteria to people through their droppings, which they will leave everywhere in your home if they invade. This illness can cause abdominal cramps, diarrhea, and fever and is generally a nasty gastrointestinal experience.

You don't have to be on the receiving end of a squirrel bite or scratch to contract a disease from them, which is one of the reasons home pest control is important. Additionally, some of these diseases could affect your pets as well.

Effective Squirrel Prevention Tips 

While professional home pest control is necessary to remove squirrels from your house permanently, there are some things you can do today to help prevent them from getting inside in the first place:

  • Seal up holes: The first step is to go around your house (and your roof) and locate any holes you find. Then, seal them up, no matter how small, as squirrels are capable of squeezing through pretty small holes.
  • Fix vents: Another way into homes that squirrels frequently use is through busted vent coverings. Install vent coverings made of strong material and fix any existing broken vent covers.
  • Move bird feeders away from your house: Another important step is to move your bird feeders further away from your home. By keeping food sources away from your house, like bird feeders, you will keep the squirrels away as well.

While the above is certainly not an exhaustive list of prevention tips, a professional can help you identify all the ways you can keep squirrels away from your home.

The Safest Way To Keep Squirrels Away 

Here at Pest Pro Pest Control, our expert technicians have the skills and tools required to safely and effectively eliminate any pesky squirrels on your property and in your Salt Lake City home. We are a locally-owned family business with over a decade's worth of experience handling all the different types of squirrels that invade local homes. With customer satisfaction at the center of our operations, you can be sure that you will receive prompt, compassionate service. If squirrels are getting to you, don't let them expose you and your family to dangerous diseases; give us a call today!

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