Are Bed Bugs In Utah County Dangerous?

Bed bug biting someone's skin.

Very few pests inspire cringe and dread like bed bugs do. When property owners discover them, it can lead to a very real feeling of defeat. This pest is known for its flat and round shape and tiny size. More importantly, they’re known for their diet of human blood.

Arguably the most troubling thing about bed bugs is how they seem to come from nowhere. That’s because they enter homes differently than other pests. Instead of coming in through an open window screen, they hitch a ride on your luggage, clothing, or seat, making early detection very difficult.

Exploring The Problems They Cause

These pests aren’t an immediate danger in the sense that your safety is at risk just because they are present. In fact, it’s not been proven that they directly cause disease transmission. However, they do present very real dangers for people if left unchecked. According to the CDC, bed bugs are considered to be a public health pest. What this looks like includes but isn’t limited to:

  • Allergic reactions: While not common, some people can have an allergic reaction to their bites. One of the more serious side effects includes anaphylaxis. In this case, immediate medical attention is needed. 
  • Secondary infections: Since the bites leave behind itchy bumps and are scratched often due to constant itching, these bites can lead to secondary skin infections such as impetigo, ecthyma, and lymphangitis among others. 
  • Mental strain: These pests are known to contribute to elevated stress levels due to the repeated bites and difficulty in controlling their population. Some conditions experienced include anxiety, insomnia, and systemic reactions.

So, are they dangerous? The answer to that question largely depends on the severity of the reactions you experience. However, when the possibility is there, do you really want to take chances that aren’t necessary?

In addition to the main concerns surrounding bed bugs, the number one concern is how difficult it is to prevent and control them. Their small size and rapid reproduction ensure that a bed bug population can spiral quickly out of control. That’s why we’ve gathered a few tips to use so you’re as safe as possible. These tips are:

  • Inspect the luggage: Been traveling or just got back? Inspect your stuff carefully before going inside. They can’t get inside if you detect them beforehand. 
  • Wash regularly: High heat from washing machines and dryers can kill bed bugs. By maintaining a proper washing regimen, you can ensure adequate protection. 
  • Take prompt action: The moment you suspect an infestation is the moment you should bring in the professionals. Only professionals trained in bed bug control have the resources needed to eliminate the infestation no matter how widespread.

Eliminate Bed Bugs With Pest Pro Pest Control

Just the thought of bed bugs probably has you feeling itchy. At Pest Pro Pest Control, we understand that feeling, which is why we’re standing by to help the residents of Utah County with their bed bug infestations.

Did you know that it doesn’t matter if the home is clean or dirty? This pest will invade anyway. For this reason alone, it doesn’t pay to delay in seeking treatment. We bring over ten years of experience with eliminating bed bug infestations to our customers, which makes us uniquely qualified in helping you take back control of your home.

Are you in need of bed bug prevention services? Then give us a call to speak with one of our agents about our professional bed bug control options or fill out our online form to schedule your free inspection.

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