10 Simple & Effective Tips To Keep Wasps Out Of Your Weber County Yard

Wasp on the edge of a drinking glass.

During the warmer months, Weber County residents often find that enjoying their yard is difficult because of wasp nests. These flying insects are rather terrifying to come across because they can sting, and these stings hurt.

Wasps are a flying insect that is in the same order as ants and bees. It’s also worth noting that hornets are a type of wasp. Most wasps can sting and inject venom into their prey, and they can also do this to humans.
While there are many species of wasps, even just in Davis County and the surrounding areas, they do have some things in common that help you tell them apart from bees, such as:

  • They have very thin, narrow waists.
  • They build nests that usually have a papery appearance.
  • While they can vary greatly in color, most wasps in the area are brown to black with yellow to orange bands.

While wasps can seem scary, they do have some benefits as they are pollinators. This means that just like bees they are an important part of the ecosystem and food production for countless species. Many also provide the benefit of feeding on other pest species.

However, when found around your yard, they can pose health risks. This is especially true for people with allergies to wasp venom, but some species such as yellow jackets can be dangerous for people without allergies as well.

Landscaping Tips To Help Prevent Wasps

Keeping wasps out of your yard can be difficult, but there are some steps you can take. The first thing to focus on with wasp prevention is to take measures to make your lawn less appealing to them. By focusing on a few landscaping changes, you can help deter wasps from nesting.
Here are some things you should focus on in your landscaping to prevent wasps:

  • Plant wormwood as it’s one of the best wasp-repellent plants. Other plants that can help include citronella and mint.
  • Some plants to avoid include sweet fennel and Queen Anne’s lace.
  • Regularly trim back trees and other vegetation.
  • Avoid over planting especially flowering vegetation.
  • If you have water features such as fountains or pools, treat them with the proper chemicals.

General Wasp Prevention Tips

Focusing on landscaping is a great way to help prevent wasps, but there are some other measures you can take as well. These tips are relatively simple and effective at making your yard less appealing to these flying, stinging insects.

Some of the best general wasp prevention methods include:

  • Keep outdoor garbage cans fitted with lids.
  • Store outdoor pet food in airtight containers.
  • If eating outside, clean up food and drink spills right away.
  • Fill in holes in the ground that some species may use to make nests.
  • Don’t keep trash or clutter around your yard.

How To Protect Your Home From Wasps

If you’ve noticed wasps around your Weber County yard, the safest way to remove them is to contact the experts at Pest Pro Pest Control. Trying to remove an active nest, or even an inactive one, can be dangerous and is when you’re most likely to be stung. Instead, let the professionals handle the problem. Our technicians can provide prevention assistance and wasp removal, and we pride ourselves on offering affordable, flexible options. You can contact us today to learn more or to request a free inspection.

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