How To Keep Wolf Spiders Away From Your Salt Lake City Property

Wolf Spider crawling on a wooden wall.

With their strangely-shaped bodies, multiple eyes, and way too many legs, almost all of humanity has that deeply ingrained instinct to steer clear of spiders. We don’t like them in our homes and businesses, and we don’t like them outside, either. While there are hundreds of different kinds of spiders (most of them non-venomous to humans), thanks to movies and television shows, most of us seem to think that all spiders we come across are extremely dangerous and out to harm us.

The good news is that here in Salt Lake City, one of the most common house spiders is just as scared of you as you are of it. A bonus: they do not pose a significant health concern for humans and are generally not interested in interacting with you. This spider is the wolf spider.

What Do Wolf Spiders In Salt Lake City Look Like?

Since wolf spiders do not use webs to catch their prey, they must have a specific set of characteristics in order for them to be able to catch their food and survive. Below is a list of traits that wolf spiders have in appearance:

  1. Dark in color: Typically, wolf spiders are darker in color — brown, grey, black, or tan, with dark markings. These colors offer them the camouflage they need to be able to hunt their prey effectively.
  2. Eight eyes: Wolf spiders have two eyes on the sides of their heads, two large ones directly in the center of their head, and then four smaller ones directly below those in a row. Wolf spiders are easy to spot at night simply because of the light reflections from their eyes.
  3. Size: Wolf spiders range from 1/4 inch to an inch in length. Surprisingly, in wolf spiders, males are usually smaller than females.

Four Easy Ways To Keep Wolf Spiders Away In Salt Lake City

There are lots of ways to keep spiders of all kinds out of your Salt Lake City home or business, but here are a few ways to prevent wolf spiders from setting up shop:

  1. Seal entry points: Go around your house and caulk up any potential entry points. Because of their tiny size, they are able to crawl through even the tiniest of holes, so be sure to plug them all up to prevent wolf spiders from entering your home.
  2. Vacuum: Vacuuming in your attic, basements, and corners will clean up existing wolf spiders, thus removing them from your property.
  3. Yard cleanup: Wolf spiders are attracted to clutter and debris that tends to gather in our yards, drawing them closer to our homes. Cleaning up your yard and keeping piles of wood far away from the house will keep wolf spiders from wanting to enter.
  4. Close windows: If you can, keep windows closed, especially the window screens. If you must keep your windows open, be sure there are no holes in the screen, no matter how tiny, as wolf spiders are still capable of squeezing through those openings.

The Best Way To Keep Salt Lake City Spiders Outside

There are dozens of ways to keep wolf spiders (and other types of spiders) out of your Salt Lake City home or property. However, here at Pest Pro Pest Control, we know how busy home and property owners get; oftentimes, taking preventive measures to keep spiders from invading go on the back burner with everything else that must be done to maintain your home or property.

That’s why we have expert technicians trained to implement prevention strategies for you. Let us handle the fine details of sealing up all the possible holes and entry points, as well as the home pest control treatments for eliminating an existing wolf spider population. Give us a call today.

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