How To Keep Carpet Beetles Out Of Your Utah County Home

Carpet Beetle Larvae crawling on the floor.

Pests of all kinds are unwanted on your property, but the worst infestations are the ones that can cause damage to household items and materials. Knowing how to stay protected from ravenous pests, like carpet beetles that eat up rugs and clothing, will ensure these harmful pests never make it inside. 

What Are Carpet Beetles?

Carpet beetles are common invasive pests, which exhibit very different behaviors and can cause a range of problems depending on their stage of life. Knowing how to spot carpet beetles at any stage of development will help you clamp down on an infestation early:

  • Eggs: Carpet beetle eggs are tiny, milky sacs often laid in dark and out-of-reach areas. Eggs hatch into nymphs, which grow into larvae and, finally, into full adult beetles.
  • Nymphs & Larvae: Did you know that it’s the young carpet beetles that damage your property? Adult beetles don’t eat carpets and linens, but developing larvae do. Carpet beetle offspring require keratin, an animal fiber found in hair, wool, and cotton blends. As such, these tiny critters will eat many different kinds of household materials in order to grow.
  • Adults: Adult carpet beetles are small, round bugs with spotted gray-and-black shells that hide their wings. Unlike immature nymphs and larvae, carpet beetles can fly and reproduce, meaning they can spread their populations far and wide.

How Do Carpet Beetles Get Inside?

Carpet beetle infestations can form inside or outside a property. Since adults can fly or crawl, they will make it in through any space they can fit through, including cracks in the walls or foundation and holes in window screens. Once adults make it inside, they quickly set about finding a safe place to lay eggs. They hide them in dark, undisturbed areas, like within the folds of curtains and clothing, or on the undersides of furniture and rugs. Once laid, destructive nymphs and larvae aren’t far off, so it’s important to take preventative measures well ahead of any infestations.

Carpet Beetle Prevention For Your Property

While eliminating carpet beetles can be a tough task, you can take steps to reduce the likelihood of an infestation on your property:

  • Crack sealing: As tiny bugs, carpet beetles can get in through all the areas that other tiny pests can slither through. Regularly checking the exterior of your property for holes or cracks and repairing them as necessary can help reduce access points.
  • Door sweeps & window screens: If you don’t have functional screens on your windows or sweeps beneath your doors, you should strongly consider installing them. They help keep pests of all kinds out. Regularly inspecting them, if already installed, is another good habit.
  • Inspections: Rather than take it all on yourself, let the experts examine your property. Trained eyes are more likely to catch early signs, and pros can provide you with more prevention tips.

Turn To Pest Pro

If carpet beetles are a concern in your home or business, it’s better to take proper action with local pest professionals than to turn to ineffective methods that likely won’t eliminate the problem. Our expert staff at Pest Pro Pest Control knows all the places to inspect for carpet beetles and their signs. An inspection can help determine your level of risk, and if we find carpet beetles, we will work quickly to eliminate the problem and ensure they don’t come back.
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