How To Kill Carpet Beetles In Salt Lake City

Carpet Beetle crawling on the wall.

As you might imagine, we frequently discuss insects and creatures that are highly destructive, and if they’re capable of creating significant damages, we will discuss them at length. The same goes for those that are a health threat; many species distribute bacteria and diseases. Additionally, several can hurt people with stings, bites, or scratches. Suggestions for relevant pest control in Salt Lake City will be widespread.

When it comes to carpet beetles in Salt Lake City, folks usually don’t know how to handle them. These critters don’t come up much in conversations. There’s not an overwhelming awareness of how infestations start, what carpet beetle rashes are like, and what you can do to block the bugs. Pest Pro Pest Control can help with efficient carpet beetle treatments.  

What Does A Carpet Beetle Look Like?

The dominant carpet beetles in the area are black, furniture, and varied. All three are 0.04 to 0.15 of an inch long and have wings. Three sets of legs and two antennas outline the reddish-brown-tinted bodies of black carpet beetles, and their hair is short. Furniture bugs have white and yellow mottling on their dark skin. The varied subspecies are black-colored, but they have beige, yellow, or white markings. Since these pests like light, you’ll likely see them by lamps and window sills. 

Carpet beetle larvae are the most ruinous. The black or brown specimens have barbed brown hairs that cover them. In terms of shape, their figures are elongated and rounded. These beetles may target the following: 

  • Upholstery
  • Bedding
  • Stored goods
  • Clothes
  • Silk
  • Dead insects and animal bi-products
  • Rugs
  • Felt
  • Pollen, seeds, and plants
  • Hair
  • Wool
  • Leather

Carpet beetles in Salt Lake City don’t discriminate with the things they’ll wreck. 

How To Tell If There Is Carpet Beetle Larvae In Your Home

Discovering larvae or their discarded skin cases is confirmation that carpet beetles are present. You’ll probably find the shells on rugs and fabrics. 

Signs Of A Carpet Beetle Infestation

Seeing the shed skin of larvae will be the most significant sign of an infestation. If the insects touch you directly, you may have carpet beetle rashes or skin irritation. Visually, it will be similar to bed bug bites. Adult critters come through open windows and doors. Alternatively, you can unknowingly bring them indoors through an overrun item, such as rugs, furniture, and fabrics with eggs. These creepy crawlers settle in cupboards, closets, and storage areas. Multiple cycles of breeding might happen without diligent cleanings. 

Tips And Tricks To Total Carpet Beetle Removal

Preventative measures are the best way to combat carpet beetles. Their takeovers can occur quickly, and it’s easy for them to hide in threads. The fiber-based matter is preferable to them. Here's what you can do to deter these insects:   

  • Close up holes in doors, screens, and windows. 
  • Replace any door sweeps that are not in good condition.
  • Try to keep your doors and windows closed tightly.  
  • Vacuum and wash carpeting, fabrics, and upholstery on a routine basis.  
  • Store your clothes in compressed bags or plastic canisters.
  • Meticulously inspect second-hand clothes, furniture, and the like before purchasing. 
  • Contact Pest Pro Pest Control if you have problems with pests carpet beetles consume.

We at Pest Pro Pest Control have a carpet beetle treatment that’s industrial-grade and specially formulated. You won’t be able to find anything with the same strength and safety as our solutions. It is also more affordable than what is on the shelf. Our options include perimeter barriers, furniture applications, window and eave avenues, and more. 

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