How To Keep Bed Bugs Out Of Your Salt Lake City Office

Bed bug crawling on the ground.

Bed bug control is helpful to business owners responsible for keeping a pest-free environment. Bed bug pest control is a must. Pest Pro Pest Control implements bed bug control techniques and offers local pest control for bed bugs in Salt Lake City. Offices and public spaces are particularly vulnerable to these bugs, so take necessary preventative steps.

Where Do Bed Bugs Come From?

These nasty parasites can seemingly show up from out of nowhere, even in an office setting. However, these bugs come from somewhere; so where exactly? Learning more about this enemy provides insight into why bed bug pest control is essential in Utah businesses. 

  1. Who? People of all walks of life can tempt bed bugs. These pests don’t care about race or blood type; they are equal opportunity biters.
  2. What? A bed bug is a tiny insect that likes to feed on the blood of humans and other warm-blooded animals.
  3. How? Employees, customers, visitors, delivery drivers, and custodians are all capable of bringing bed bugs into an office. These insects can hop on such people, then hop off when they arrive at their new destinations.
  4. Where? Bed bugs can come from all types of places where people spend time: warehouses, libraries, schools, theaters, and modes of transportation. 
  5. Why? Blood is what bed bugs need to thrive, so they continue to make pilgrimages for their favorite meal.

Detecting Bed Bugs In Salt Lake City Offices

Uncovering a bed bug infestation inside an office building is not the easiest of chores. These pests are primarily nocturnal, so bed bugs may not be seen during working hours unless the office is a 24-hour business or runs late hours.

Concerned local pest control for bed bugs might be needed in the office? Look around for dark brown specks that may be found on furniture, walls, carpeting, and baseboards. Such spots provide visual evidence that bed bugs have relieved themselves on the property.

Natural Pest Control For Bed Bugs

Some of the more common bed bug control techniques that business owners may try using are essential oils and homemade remedies. Natural pest control for bed bugs may be effective in the preventative sense but not when dealing with an infestation.

Work in a Salt Lake City office? Here are a few ways to protect one’s self and household members from these blood-feeding hitchhikers. 

  1. Check Areas That Could Become Infested In Homes: Become vigilant about checking bedding, mattresses, headboards, and mattress foundations for any signs of bed beds. Just because the home didn’t start with a bed bug problem doesn’t mean one can't crop up at any time. 
  2. Freeze Potential Culprits: Simply slip at-risk materials brought home from the office into zipped plastic bags; stick them in the freezer for three days or so.
  3. Inspect Belongings: Before getting in a vehicle and entering the residence, thoroughly check handbags, clothing, attaché case, shoes, socks, and totes for any signs of bed bugs.
  4. Use The Dryer: One of the most successful bed bug control methods involves a common household appliance: the clothes dryer. Put suspect items into the dryer and run for at least 30 minutes at 140 degrees to kill any bed bugs.

Contacting Pest Pro Pest Control To Kill Bed Bugs

How will office managers and owners know when bed bugs are gone? Simply contact Pest Pro Pest Control to kill bed bugs. Our professional technicians can check all the spaces where bed bugs lurk so they can determine the source. Our experienced team members can then provide a comprehensive treatment guaranteed to get rid of bed bugs.

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