How Do I Keep Pest Birds Away From My Business In Salt Lake City?

Pigeon walking on a curb.

Birds aren’t the usual animal that comes to mind when you hear the word “pest.” However, there are types of birds that fly under that category. Learn more from Pest Pro Pest Control about these birds, what attracts them to your business, and what problems they cause. If pest birds are taking control of your business, consider contacting a reliable Salt Lake City pest control company.

What Birds Are Considered Pest Birds?

While many aviation species take to the skies around the world, there are only three types of pest birds in Salt Lake City to be concerned about:

  • Pigeons: Pigeons grow to about 11 inches long and are gray in color. They nest in steeples, foundation voids, and other covered spaces. These birds are considered intelligent because of their excellent navigational skills. However, they can also cause damage to businesses and properties.
  • Starlings: Starlings grow about seven to eight inches and have portly figures with dark hair and short tails. A unique trait they have is that their beaks change color. They also can mimic sounds in their surrounding environments, including car alarms and speech patterns. This invasive species will drive native birds out with their aggressive nature and take over.
  • Sparrows: Sparrows can grow to be six inches or longer with short tails like starlings. Most sparrows are known to be skittish around humans. They nest in structures and gaps away from crowds.

You may think having birds flying around your business might make it appear more welcoming and friendly, but these pests may bring the opposite effect. Find out the damage birds can cause to your property if left unchecked by pest control professionals near you.

How Bad Is It To Have Birds Roosting Around My Business?

Birds present more of a problem than you may realize at first. As more birds flock to your property, you begin to see common problems arising that you never had before. Some of the problems that pest birds bring to your business are:

  • Their fecal waste is slippery, and people can slip and fall. If it lands on buildings or cars, the acidic nature can ruin the paint and age a building.
  • They carry and spread diseases such as encephalitis, toxoplasmosis, histoplasmosis, and salmonellosis.
  • Birds also carry parasites, such as fleas, lice, ticks, and mites in their fur that can transfer to humans.
  • They wreck gardens, fruit trees, farms, and garbage canisters.
  • They build nests in vents and exhausts that can ignite sparks.

If you’re noticing signs of a bird infestation around your property, it could mean an underlying issue is attracting them. For an inspection of your business, seek out a reputable Salt Lake City bird control company like Pest Pro Pest Control to get to the bottom of your pest problem.

What Is Attracting So Many Birds To My Property?

There are a few main factors that attract pest birds to your Salt Lake City property:

  • Food: If your business is a restaurant, located next to a restaurant, or next to a bird-feeding park, then birds will be drawn to your business. Secure trash cans and dumpster lids.
  • Water: Birds will also nest near standing sources of water, such as fountains, ponds, and even water-filled gutters.
  • Architecture: Birds gravitate towards buildings with flat areas and openings to build nests. Gutters, awnings, eaves, ledges, and overhangs can all provide suitable nesting sites.

It may be challenging to remove these pest bird attractions, but the result will be noticeable. The assistance of pest control professionals can help reduce attractant factors.

What's A Good Way To Keep Pest Birds Away From My Business?

The best way to keep pest birds away from your business is to rely on the highly trained experts at Pest Pro Pest Control. For over a decade, we have supported residential and commercial owners with our fast, safe, and effective pest control services in Salt Lake City and its surrounding areas. Contact us to help with commercial pest control in Salt Lake City.

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