Don't Let Birds Take Over Your Salt Lake City Business

two pigeons on a roof top

The problem with pest birds is that they are just that – pests! From their huge flocks and messy feathers to slippery droppings and loud squawking, these winged intruders make conducting business day-to-day tremendously challenging.  

Thankfully, Pest Pro Pest Control delivers the most reliable bird control in Salt Lake City to bring back the clean, calm, and peaceful nature to your premises, delighting your customers and staff alike.

Continue reading to learn more about the consequences of ignoring a bird invasion and why you should partner with our team to make these flying nuisances go away.

Protect Your Image: The Role Of Bird Control In Business Reputation

Pest birds don't just cause structural damage, noisiness, and mess, but their presence can negatively impact the image of your business. Chances are you've worked hard to establish and maintain a positive reputation that has rewarded you with new business, repeat customers, and even respect from competitors.

However, superior products and services are just slices of the pie when you have a brick-and-mortar location. People want to visit a facility that's clean, safe, and visually appealing. When birds flock around your property, squawking loudly and making a mess with their slippery droppings, you could lose customers who are put off by such a display.

Additionally, birds create an unhygienic environment that can pose numerous health hazards if not addressed in a timely manner. Although you aim to please your customers, you also have to think about how a bird infestation affects the well-being of your staff.

Get in touch with your local pest management company for professional bird control methods to keep these creatures away from your business, preserving your reputation and bottom line at the same time.

Risk Assessment: Evaluating Potential Damage From Bird Infestations

When birds descend upon your facility (and stick around for a while), they can pose various problems that can damage your property and create hazardous situations. Here are a few of the issues that these winged trespassers can cause business owners:

  • Structural damage: The droppings of birds, especially pigeons, can erode your facility's building materials, like metal or concrete, over time.
  • Slip and fall incidences: A buildup of bird droppings on walkways and other surfaces on your property can increase the risk of slips and falls, resulting in injuries.
  • Equipment malfunctions: Bird nests in utility equipment or other machinery can cause operational issues.
  • Fire risks: Nesting materials near light fixtures or electrical equipment can overheat and even catch fire.
  • Ruined reputation: The constant presence of birds and their droppings can discourage patronage of your business, leading to a poor image. 

Therefore, it’s in your best interest to consult with our team at Pest Pro Pest Control for the most effective commercial bird control to prevent the damaging effects of these winged creatures.

Using Bird Netting For Bird Control

Netting is an effective bird control measure that consistently keeps birds from nesting on your structure. When properly installed, this lightweight yet durable material forms an impenetrable barrier that denies birds access to whatever area it covers. The versatile nature of bird netting allows property owners to customize it to fit the affected location, whether it's a courtyard, rooftop, or any other area where birds congregate.

As a long-term solution, netting requires minimal maintenance, which means it can remain effective at keeping birds away for a long time. It's not only a lasting solution that requires minimal maintenance but also a humane and environmentally friendly option.

The Importance of Professional Bird Control: Benefits And Solutions

For a professional bird removal service to maintain the peace and safety of your property, count on our experts from Pest Pro Pest Control. We address your immediate issue without causing harm to birds and preserve the pleasant atmosphere of your premises. Reach out to us today so we can assist you.

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