Why Ants Invade Salt Lake City Homes And How To Keep Them Out

Carpenter Ant on a wooden board.

No one likes discovering an ant infestation on their property. These frustrating household pests always seem to find a way indoors and are ridiculously difficult to eliminate. Today we’ll explain how and why ants might invade your home and the best solution to get rid of them.

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Types Of Ants Common To The Area

Although there are more than 10,000 unique ant species living across the globe, not all ants are common in and around residential properties. Here in Salt Lake City, there are three types of ants that cause problems for home and business owners alike.

  • Carpenter ants are the largest species of ants to invade homes and are known for causing damage to wooden structures. 
  • Pavement ants are small and typically build their nests around slabs of concrete, pathways, sidewalks, and driveways.
  • Fire ants are known for their fiery orange coloration and aggressive nature.

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Why And How Ants Find Their Way Into Our Homes

Ants are scavenging pests that eat many different things. If your Salt Lake City property provides access to food and moisture sources, there’s a good chance ants will find a way to invade. These tiny pests may crawl through gaps in your foundation or cracks around your windows and doorways. They may build their nests on your lawn or inside your home, depending on their species.

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Six Easy Yet Effective Ant Prevention Tips For Around The House

Ant prevention tips can help homeowners deter ants from their properties. Below are six helpful prevention methods to use around your home.

  1. Locate sources of excess moisture and eliminate them.
  2. Seal gaps and crevices around the exterior of your home.
  3. Install weather stripping on your doors and windows.
  4. Keep your trash bins sealed tightly.
  5. Avoid leaving food items out on your countertops.
  6. Store uneaten pet food in airtight containers.

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The Best Option For Ant Control In Salt Lake City

Even when you implement prevention methods, there’s still a chance that ants could make their way into your home. And once inside, ants can contaminate your food items and disturb your family. Give your property the complete pest protection it needs by reaching out to the technicians here at Pest Pro Pest Control.

We’re dedicated to providing excellent solutions to eliminate existing pest threats and prevent new ones from springing up in the future. Whether you’re dealing with fire ants, pavement ants, or carpenter ants, you can count on us to get rid of them. Partner with Pest Pro Pest Control today and receive ongoing ant control services you can trust year-round!

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