Getting Rid Of Rats On Your Salt Lake City Property For Good!

Rat on rusty pipes in the dark.

Rats can become a problem on any property, but are most attracted to properties that offer easy access to food and shelter. They will move into structures looking for sustenance and places to nest or escape harsh weather. These rodents are a danger to health and property, so contacting an expert Salt Lake City pest control company like Pest Pro Pest Control is the best step to protect your family from this dangerous pest.

How To Tell If It's Rats On Your Property

If a rat infestation is just getting started, you may not realize there are rodents on your property or in your home until it’s worked its way into a rat problem. That’s why looking out for signs of rats on your property can be useful in keeping ahead of an uncontrollable rodent invasion.

Here are a few things to look for if you believe you may have rats:

  • Nests: Rodents tend to build their nests in dark, secluded areas in rarely disturbed areas. Nests are typically built out of shredded paper products cotton, wall insulation, fabric, or packing materials. If you see a nest, it's an indication of a rodent infestation in Salt Lake City.
  • Tracks: Tracks and rub marks can be found along walls and baseboards where rodents follow trails throughout a building between their food source and nest. These marks are typically caused by the rats’ oily fur.
  • Noises: You may hear strange noises in the walls or in the ceilings or attics, especially at night. Chances are that noises like this are attributable to a family of rodents scurrying through the house.

Seeing any of these signs is an indication of an infestation and a professional pest management company like Pest Pro Pest Control should be contacted to help you with with effective rodent control in Salt Lake City.

Why Rats On Your Property Can Be Very Dangerous

Pest control for rats is necessary because they can be dangerous. Rats are known to spread disease through their saliva, urine, feces, and bites. Common diseases associated with the rat include salmonellosis, hantavirus, and other bacteria-borne illnesses.

Rats can also cause damage to structures by gnawing on the wood framing of houses, drywall, and plastic, and by chewing through electrical wires, which may lead to fires.

The Safe And Effective Way To Remove Rats On Your Property

The safest way to remove rats from your property is to contact an expert pest control company like Pest Pro Pest Control. Working with an experienced pest control company is always best in removing a Salt Lake City rodent infestation, as DIY methods are rarely effective and allow an infestation to grow in the meantime.

Five Helpful Tips To Prevent Future Rat Problems

Here are five tips to help prevent a rodent infestation in your Salt Lake City home:

  1. Seal any entry points into your home, keeping doors and windows closed as often as possible.
  2. Place uneaten food in airtight containers or into the refrigerator. Put pet food into air-tight containers. Wipe down counters and tables, and keep the stove free of debris.
  3. Keep tight-fitting lids on garbage cans and recycling bins and keep them at least 20 feet from your home.
  4. Reduce overgrown landscaping on your property and cut shrubs and trees back from the exterior of your house.
  5. Reduce wood piles and clutter around your home where rats can hide.

These tips may help prevent rat problems, but they aren’t substitutes for professional rat control services.

When everything else has failed, you can trust Pest Pro Pest Control for rat pest control in Salt Lake City. We have solutions to meet your needs, ensuring that you receive the quality residential or commercial pest control services in Salt Lake City that you deserve with our pest-free guarantee. You can trust us to get the job done right.

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