What It Takes To Get Rid Of An Ant Infestation In Your Salt Lake City Home

Carpenter Ant crawling on wood.

We don't want or expect pests to be in our homes. Some creatures, like cockroaches, create concern because they spread diseases, while others, like ants, are more of a nuisance. When you see ants in your home, you don't jump back in fear like you do for a spider; instead, you step on them or grab a do-it-yourself spray hoping it will fix the problem. 

When you have ants in your house, you need more than a store-bought spray to stop them; you need the Salt Lake City pest control professionals from Pest Pro Pest Control. Our outstanding technicians eliminate ants in houses. 

Signs Of An Ant Infestation In Your House

There are thousands of ant species worldwide, and more than 700 are in the United States. Different ant species leave unique indications of their presence, and the following are signs of an ant infestation from ants common to the Salt Lake City area:

  • Carpenter ants: Small holes in wood with sawdust-like material outside the hole indicate carpenter ants are in the wood. 
  • Pavement ants: Long trails of ants leading to a bowl of dog food or an indoor garbage can are signs of pavement ants in your house.
  • Odorous house ants: Ants traveling along baseboards, counters, wires, or pipes indicate odorous house ants. 
  • Pharaoh ants: These pale, yellowish ants create massive nests inside walls. If you see a few ants crawling from behind a baseboard or wall, rest assured there are thousands more in hiding. 

Other ants in Utah that live outside but occasionally venture indoors are the field and fire ants. Both species create mounds next to trees, shrubs, foundations, and landscaping timbers. Although they are not usually in houses, they may enter if the conditions are right. 

All The Issues Ants Can Create In Your Home

Other than fire ants, most ants appear harmless and seem more of a nuisance, but that is not always correct. Carpenter ants damage wood structures by the holes they create in softwood for their nests. Over time, carpenter ants can weaken the infrastructure of a house. Pharaoh ants present a possible health risk because they can spread more than a dozen diseases like salmonella and streptococcus. Ants in the house, like pavement and odorous house ants, do not spread pathogens but can contaminate food as they walk over it. 

Why DIY Ant Control Is A Waste Of Time And Money

We all want to save money, and it is natural to use do-it-yourself store-bought products to resolve an ant infestation in your Salt Lake City home. While these products claim to get rid of ants, they don't. There is a sense of satisfaction from DIY products because they kill ants on contact, but that is part of the problem. Unless the DIY solution kills ants in their nest and eliminates the eggs, the infestation will not stop. When some ants, like the Pharaoh ant, sense danger from a DIY product, they will send out groups to create new nests in safer locations in the home. 

Most DIY products fail to erase the pheromone trails ants create. These chemical trails lead other ants to food sources. While you may kill visible ants, others will come in from the outside and follow the pheromone paths to food. While the DIY products will kill ants on contact, they are not the ultimate ant control solutions.

The Best Way To Get Rid Of Ants In Your House And Keep Them Out

The best way to get rid of ants is to use the best pest control near you for ants, Pest Pro Pest Control. Our licensed and trained technicians will inspect your house, identify the ant species infesting your property and develop a custom strategy to eliminate the ants and their eggs. Contact us today and request your free consultation.

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