What Everyone In Davis County Needs To Know About Rats

Rat peeling open a yellow banana on a wooden table.

Skulking behind boxes, scurrying into corners, and lingering in untouched areas, these ferocious feral creeps are some of the most difficult pests to battle in the Davis County area. 

Rodents are household pests that everyone is familiar with. Rats in particular are some of the most hated of all, especially here in Weber County. In fact, rats and humans have had one of the most adverse relationships in history. Rats are blamed for the devastating effects of the Black Plague, a bacterium that caused the most fatal pandemic in human history. Brown rats carried infected fleas from host to host, greatly increasing the spread and severity of the illness. All this to say: if rats of any kind make their way into your safe Davis County home, you can bet there will be trouble.

The problems associated with brown rats getting into the home are huge. From parasites to diseases, food contamination, and property destruction, these habitual household invaders can seem like evil masterminds. Unless homeowners are prepared to fight back, rats may become a huge health and safety hazard that lingers on your property for years.

Some Ways To Prevent Rats In Davis County

Rats are creatures that carry connotations of fear, but it is very important not to let them destroy your peace of mind. Below are the best methods of occlusion for infestations before they happen.

  • Despite their large sizes, rats are capable of fitting through holes as small as a quarter. Be sure to check for cracks and gaps around the home often, and repair them as best you can. 
  • Proper food and trash storage should be exercised both outside and inside the home. 
  • Run a dehumidifier in problem areas, or hang desiccant bags near bathrooms and kitchens. The lack of humidity may help to
  • keep rodent populations at bay.

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Davis County Homeowner’s Ultimate Method Of Rat Elimination

Rats in Weber County are here to stay, no matter how many preventative measures are put in place. Some abatement techniques and DIY formulas certainly help to keep them out for a time, but they are unlikely to remove a dangerous rodent infestation in your Davis County home.

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