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Termite Identification Guide

What are termites?

One of the most common types of termites in Salt Lake City is the subterranean termite. In their natural environment (forested areas), termites are beneficial insects that help to break down decaying wood and other materials made of cellulose. The problem is, termites have come to live near people, nesting in the ground in our yards and feeding on our home’s structural wood.

one termite coming out of damage wood

Termites are social insects and live and work together in large groups or castes. Immature termites develop into either workers, soldiers, or reproductives. Each caste performs a task that helps the colony to succeed. Workers gather food for the colony, soldiers defend the colony, and reproductives increase the colony size.

Are termites dangerous?

Termites are dangerous pests – not because they bite or spread disease, but because they cause significant structural damage inside the homes and other buildings they invade. Unfortunately, the presence of termites feeding in your home is not usually noticeable until the infestation becomes substantial.

The structural damage termites cause is costly to repair and is not something that most homeowners’ insurance covers. Insurance companies consider termite damage preventable and not something that happens overnight.

Why do I have a termite problem?

If your yard or areas near your home provide termites with moist soil for them to build their nests, they will take advantage. They are also attracted to properties with lots of places for them to forage for food like decaying trees, tree stumps, woodpiles, piles of leaves, and mulch.

Termites often find their way into our homes while out foraging for food. They move through the soil and into homes through cracks in the foundation. They also move inside through pieces of wood that are making direct contact with the soil like porch or deck steps, wood trim, or deck posts.

Where will I find termites?

Subterranean termites nest under the ground and come into homes at ground level moving behind walls and under floors to feed on structural wood. Termites congregate in areas where there are leaky pipes or where there is water-damaged wood. As the infestation develops, the termites may move up the walls and eventually begin feeding on the structural wood above ceilings.

How do I get rid of termites?

A subterranean termite infestation is a frustrating pest problem. The easiest way to get rid of termites and other pests is to partner with Pest Pro Pest Control. We provide effective residential pest management and commercial pest solutions to protect against insects, rodents, and other pests.

At Pest Pro Pest Control, we are committed to helping Utah home and business owners maintain pest-free properties with our guaranteed pest control services. For more information about our termite control treatments, reach out to Pest Pro Pest Control today!

How can I prevent termites in the future?

Keep your Utah area home and yard protected from subterranean termites with the help of Pest Pro Pest Control and the following prevention tips:

  • Remove any fallen trees, tree stumps, or leaf piles from your yard.

  • Eliminate wood to soil contact on your property.

  • Keep moisture levels in your home low by using dehumidifiers.

  • Repair leaky pipes and fixtures.

  • Remove any wood debris from crawlspaces.

  • Leave at least a one-foot barrier between mulch or soil and your home’s foundation.

  • Make sure your gutters are working and directing water away from the outside of your structure.

  • Eliminate areas of standing water from around the outside of your home.


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