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Raccoons Identification Guide

What are raccoons?

Raccoons are interesting little creatures that are fun to watch run around out in nature. But, when these wild animals set their sights on your Salt Lake City yard or home, they suddenly turn into unwanted pests that you want nothing to do with.

A type of wild animal, raccoons are perfectly capable of living outside on their own without the help of people. Yet, they won’t hesitate to take advantage of any food or shelter our properties offer them!

These furry mammals are about the size of your average house cat. They are most well-known for their black “mask” of fur that covers their eyes. Salt and pepper colored fur cover the raccoon's hunched body and the tail is ringed in gray and black fur. Raccoons are difficult to keep out of buildings and other unwanted areas as their hand-like paws provide them with good dexterity and the ability to manipulate objects.

raccoon in feild

Are raccoons dangerous?

Raccoons do pose health risks to people. They spread many diseases that make people ill including rabies. They also carry disease-carrying fleas and ticks that they introduce onto properties. Raccoons themselves carry parasites like roundworms which can be contacted by people through their waste.

Another problem with raccoons living in or near your Salt Lake area home is that they are wild animals. This means that in order to protect themselves from any perceived threat they will do things like bite, scratch, hiss, and display other aggressive behaviors.

More than a health risk, raccoons pose problems to your property by causing physical damage to your home and lawn. They will dig and chew through insulation, drywall, wires, and ducts. To enter homes they will use their paws and teeth to create openings in vents, along the roofline, and around windows and doors. Raccoons will also damage gardens, lawns, garbage bins, and compost bins as they forage for food.

Why do I have a raccoon problem?

Raccoons mainly live outside in the wild, usually in the woods near streams or other bodies of water. But, as our habitats have merged together raccoons have also learned to live in urban and suburban areas. Any of our yards could become home to raccoons if they provide them with food. Things like open trash cans, dumpsters, compost bins, pet food bowls, and gardens all act as food sources for raccoons.

Where will I find raccoons?

Raccoons can make themselves at home in a variety of places like tree hollows, under fallen trees, the abandoned dens of other animals, or between rock crevices. Those that have adapted to a more urban setting live in parks, near dumpsters, and in abandoned cars.

If raccoons have decided to turn your yard or home into their home they will make themselves at home in spaces under sheds or decks, in chimneys, crawl spaces, and attics. They also like to hide out in brush piles or woodpiles.

How do I get rid of raccoons?

A raccoon infestation is a frustrating pest problem. The easiest way to get rid of raccoons and other wild animals is to partner with Pest Pro Pest Control. We provide the effective services needed to protect Utah residential and commercial properties from wildlife, insects, rodents, and other pests.

At Pest Pro Pest Control, we are committed to helping Utah home and business owners maintain pest-free properties with our guaranteed pest control services. For more information about our wildlife control treatments, reach out to Pest Pro Pest Control today!

How can I prevent raccoons in the future?

Keep your Utah home and yard protected from raccoons with the help of Pest Pro Pest Control and the following prevention tips:

  • Raccoons are mainly nocturnal. Pick up any uneaten pet food each evening to prevent raccoons from using it as a midnight snack.

  • Keep raccoons out of your trash cans and compost bins by keeping locking lids on them.

  • Cut tree branches away from the exterior of your home.

  • Maintain garden areas.

  • Make sure to shut garage doors, shed doors, and basement doors each evening.

  • Repair loose window screens and caulk gaps around windows and doors.

  • Place tight-fitting covers over vents leading into your home.

  • Install a chimney cap and repair any roof damage.


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