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Pleasant Grove, UT Pest Control

Reliable Pest Control Services In Pleasant Grove, UT

Pleasant Grove is a city in Utah and is part of the Provo–Orem Metropolitan Statistical Area. If you’re sick of dealing with pests in and around your property, then it’s time to contact the professionals here at Pest Pro Pest Control. We are committed to finding the right solutions for your pest problems, no matter the size. If cockroaches, bed bugs, ants, or other common pests are driving you crazy, you can count on Pest Pro Pest Control to get rid of them. Don’t hesitate to contact us today to ask for more details about our commercial and residential pest control programs.

Home Pest Control In Pleasant Grove, UT

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At Pest Pro Pest Control, we understand how frustrating and stressful it can be when pests get into your Pleasant Grove home.

Pests can damage your property, take away your peace of mind, and pose serious health risks to your family. The best way to ensure your home and family are protected from pests is by implementing year-round home pest control services from Pest Pro Pest Control.

We provide excellent pest control programs that are effective, efficient, and guaranteed to keep your Pleasant Grove property pest-free. Protect your home from pests by reaching out to us today.

Commercial Pest Control In Pleasant Grove, UT

You should never have to worry about the possibility of pests damaging your inventory or scaring away your customers. Pest Pro Pest Control is proud to provide long-lasting commercial pest control services that will control and prevent pest problems throughout every season. We offer customized pest treatments that are tailored to meet the individual needs of your business. Don’t allow pests to damage your reputation, spread diseases in your facility, and cost you money. Instead, trust the technicians here at Pest Pro Pest Control for effective commercial pest control services year-round.


Wildlife Control Services In Pleasant Grove, UT

It can be difficult to see raccoons, squirrels, opossums, and other wildlife creatures as a problem when you spot them outdoors. However, the moment they invade your Pleasant Grove property, it’s easy to see why it might be an issue if you find them in your home or business. Wildlife can damage your home, spread numerous diseases, and endanger your family. If wildlife pests are causing problems in or around your Pleasant Grove property, you should always contact the professionals here at Pest Pro Pest Control right away.

Every pest control plan begins with a detailed inspection to identify pest threats and how they’re getting into your home. Then, we will place live traps and/or one-way doors based on what we found during the inspection. All of our wildlife control methods exercise humane treatment to solve your pest problems. Say goodbye to wildlife pests today when you contact Pest Pro Pest Control to request your free inspection.


Learn To Avoid Bed Bugs In Pleasant Grove, UT

Bed bugs are irritating pests that get their name from their tendency to hide around beds and sleeping areas. Whether your Pleasant Grove property is clean, dirty, or somewhere in between, bed bugs will move right in and make themselves at home. Bed bugs do not hop or fly to get around, unlike other pests. Instead, they get from one location to another by hitching rides on your bags, clothing, and belongings. You are most likely to pick up bed bugs when you travel through public places with a lot of foot traffic, such as hotel lobbies, malls, airports, movie theaters, libraries, schools, and public transportation.

To avoid bringing bed bugs into your Pleasant Grove home or business, consider a few of the following bed bug prevention tips:

  • Avoid staying in hotel or motel rooms that show signs of bed bug activity. A few signs to watch out for include bloodstains, eggshells, spots of excrement, and bed bugs themselves.
  • Keep your belongings close to you and up off of the ground of public areas. Bed bugs are attracted to the scent of humans and will often crawl onto your bags when you set them down.

  • Try not to bring used furniture into your home or business. If you do purchase second-hand furniture, be sure to inspect it carefully for bed bugs first.

  • When you return home from traveling, wash all your clothes and bags on the highest heat setting.

  • This will eliminate any bed bugs or bed bug eggs that might have gotten into your belongings.

Bed bug infestations are almost impossible to get rid of without professional treatment. At Pest Pro Pest Control, we offer thorough bed bug inspections and effective bed bug liquid treatments. We offer both single-room treatments as well as whole-house treatments, though we highly recommend the latter to prevent the possibility of re-infestation. Contact the professionals here at Pest Pro Pest Control today to ask about our complete bed bug control process.


How To Control Earwigs On Properties In Pleasant Grove

Though earwigs may look intimidating with their pincers and prominent antennae, they aren’t overly dangerous to humans; they’re just an unsightly nuisance looking for warmer weather. Here are a few ways you can control earwigs in your Pleasant Grove property:

  • Keep a clean yard. Earwigs are insects that prefers cool, damp places to live, which is why it’s so easy for an infestation to grow in a pile of leaves or hedge trimmings that has been sitting on your lawn. Earwigs also love to chomp through decomposing vegetation, so these scenarios are very appealing to them. Aim to properly dispose of any yard debris and make sure it doesn’t sit around for too long.

  • Address excess moisture. Because earwigs need moisture to survive, Pleasant Grove homeowners should ensure that there are no areas of pooling, stale water both inside and outside of the home. This is a pest that comes inside the home with the primary goal of finding moisture when it gets too dry outside, so keep an eye out for leaking poppies, toilets, shower heads, and bathtubs.

  • Seal up potential points of entry. This tiny pest can fit through the smallest of openings, so make sure to thoroughly caulk up any cracks or crevices in your home’s foundation and replace any worn weather stripping or window screens.

The most effective way to prevent earwigs from making their way into your Pleasant Grove home is with professional assistance from the team at Pest Pro Pest Control. Contact us today to keep your home safe and free from pests like earwigs. 


Rodent Control: Helpful Tips For Pleasant Grove Homeowners

Over time, rodents have grown dependent on humans for everything they need: food, water, and shelter. And Pleasant Grove homeowners give these things to them without even thinking about it. Here are a few tips for preventing rodents of all kinds from making your home their home.

  • Proper food storage. While rats and mice typically look for different types of food (mice prefer grains like cereal while rats will scurry off with your rotting fruits and vegetables) the lesson is the same: store food in airtight containers, don’t leave food out on the counter, and clean up after any spills quickly and thoroughly as to not leave behind traces of food.

  • Keep a clean home. It should come as no surprise, but rodents like rats are used to spending their days in filth and will actively seek similar settings inside your home. Keeping a hygienic dwelling as well as keeping it free from clutter will make conditions less hospitable for rats and mice alike.

  • Take out the trash. Rodents love garbage, so while stored in the house, opt for a trash bin with a lid and remove your garbage regularly. When stored outdoors, consider its proximity to your home and also use a trash bin with a tight-fitting lid.

  • Seal up cracks and crevices. Did you know that rodents like mice and rats can squeeze through openings as small as the size of a dime? Their bodies are extremely adept at fitting into small spaces and paired with their determination, there is no crack or crevice that can hold them back. Look to seal up any openings, small as they may be, in your home’s foundation or walls with rodent-proof materials such as steel wool to keep rodents out.

A few mice or rats can blossom into a full-blown infestation seemingly overnight due to their rapid reproduction, so preventing them in the first place is key. Contact the professionals at Pest Pro Pest Control today and keep rodents out of your home!


Is DIY Termite Control Effective In Pleasant Grove?

Termites are scary super chewers that you want to avoid at all costs. They will zip through the wood in your home 24/7 if you let them, causing unimaginable damage along the way. Each year, termites cost American homeowners $5 billion in damage, and the average homeowner with termites spends approximately $3,000 repairing termite damage. Termite colonies are vast, reaching upwards of 20 feet in depth and containing one million members at their largest, depending on the species of termites. Some colonies even contain more than one queen, which is a fact that you won’t be able to discern on your own. 

Everything about termite colonies makes them impossible to eradicate for your average Pleasant Grove homeowners because they’re located in hard to identify and reach areas, their size is enormous, and because they pose a health safety risk to humans. The safest, most reasonable way to handle termites, either proactively or reactively, is with assistance from the professionals at Pest Pro Pest Control today. Contact us today for termite control.


Why Are Cockroaches So Hard To Control In Pleasant Grove?

Cockroaches are an embarrassing pest for so many homeowners because of the stigma of dirtiness that comes attached with them. And while that is certainly a significant factor for attracting cockroaches, there are other reasons for why they both invade homes and why they are so hard to control. You may find it difficult to get a handle on roaches in your Pleasant Grove home because they can:

  • Survive for one month without food

  • Survive for one week without water

  • Survive for one week without their heads (if they’re German cockroaches)

  • Breed at a high rate

  • Develop a resistance to pesticides

Nearly everything about a cockroach’s existence makes them one of the most stubborn pests in Pleasant Grove. That’s why you should call the team of highly-experienced technicians at Pest Pro Pest Control for all of your cockroach control needs!


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