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carpenter ants crawling around on wood they have damaged

Your Guide To Common Pests In Salt Lake City, Utah

Utah faces unique pest pressures. As a locally owned business, Pest Pro Pest Control has the experience and knowledge to treat those pressures. Our Pest Library is the place we share our knowledge of Utah’s most common pests with you, so you can have your most common questions answered.


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Recent Blog Articles

a german cockroach eating food

Why Does My Salt Lake City Home Have Cockroaches?

October 15, 2020

The majority of pests are hideous and detrimental. Many can wreck home structures or belongings, like clothes, furniture, and wires, damaging electrical cords that could lead to an outage. If that wasn’t bad enough, several bring in diseases and germs. Cockroaches are an example of these insects... Read More

a carpenter ant on wood

3 Signs Your Salt Lake City Property May Have A Carpenter Ant Problem

October 13, 2020

Part of what makes pest management so tricky is the sheer number of them. For every insect or creature, there are multiple subtypes. Most folks think nothing separates them beyond color, size, or shape. This isn’t accurate though. Differences often lie with lifespan, habitat, behavior, and diet... Read More


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