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Davis County, UT Pest Control

Experienced & Effective Pest Services In Davis County, UT

Davis County is located in northern Utah and is Utah’s third-most populated county. Although our area offers a friendly community and plenty of business opportunities, it is also home to many pests. These pests have no problem invading your Davis County home or business. When you need protection from pests, turn to the experts here at Pest Pro Pest Control. Our top priority is to put your satisfaction first by providing excellent pest control services to ensure your Davis County property remains pest-free throughout every season. At Pest Pro Pest Control, we tailor our pest control services to meet the specific needs of your home or business. To learn more about our residential and commercial pest control programs, reach out to us today! We have the experience and pest-knowledge necessary to get the job done right.

Home Pest Control In Davis County, UT

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Your home should be somewhere that you can feel safe and comfortable. When pests invade, they can take away your peace of mind, damage your property, and pose health risks to your family. Pest Pro Pest Control is dedicated to keeping your Davis County home free of common pests year-round.

Our home pest control plans begin with a thorough inspection of your property to identify pest problems and determine how they’re getting into your home. We then provide effective pest control treatments based on our findings. If mice, rats, spiders, or other pests are causing problems in your Davis County home, you can depend on the professionals here at Pest Pro Pest Control to get rid of them.

With years of experience and the latest pest control strategies, we offer outstanding pest control services every time. In addition to our general pest control services, we also offer specialty services to deal with pests such as birds, bed bugs, wildlife, and termites. Contact Pest Pro Pest Control today to ask about our effective home pest control process.

Commercial Pest Control In Davis County, UT

Protect your business from the damage, destruction, and negative reputation that pests cause by partnering with the pest technicians here at Pest Pro Pest Control. We understand that every business is unique, which is why we customize our commercial pest control plans to fit the individual needs of your Davis County business. Whether you need rodent stations, traps, baits, or other treatment methods, we have you covered. With Pest Pro Pest Control by your side, you can trust that your commercial property will remain pest-free throughout every season. Contact us today to get started on your journey to a future free of pests!

Signs Of Bed Bugs In Davis County, UT

Most people have heard about bed bugs at one point or another, but not everyone has had the misfortune of dealing with bed bugs in their own Davis County home or business. Although bed bugs don’t damage property or transmit dangerous diseases, you don’t want to find them living in your property. Bed bugs can cause unnecessary stress, frustration, and anxiety. In prolonged bed bug infestations, they can even cause anemia: a condition in which the body doesn’t have enough healthy red blood cells to circulate oxygen throughout your body’s tissue. Preventing bed bug infestations is often difficult, which is why it’s important to learn how to identify bed bugs so you know when to reach out for professional help.

Here are a few signs that you can use to identify bed bugs in your Davis County home or business:

  • Bed bugs produce a musty odor, which becomes stronger and more unpleasant the larger your infestation grows. Some describe this odor as smelling like coriander.

  • Bed bug eggs are white and no larger than the size of a pinhead. Bed bug eggs are often found in the folds of clothing, mattresses, and sheets.

  • Bed bugs often leave behind small bloodstains when they crawl away after feeding on your blood. These bloodstains are often found on sheets, blankets, and bedding.

  • Bed bugs themselves are small, oval, and flat. Their reddish-brown bodies resemble the shape and size of an apple seed.

  • Bed bug bites appear in rows or clusters instead of random areas across your skin.

If you’d like to remove bed bugs from your Davis County property, the professionals here at Pest Pro Pest Control can help. We offer a wide variety of pest control solutions to handle pest problems of every kind. Give us a call today for more information about how we treat bed bug infestations.

Keep Your Davis County, UT Property Termite-Free

Termites live all over the world, including here in Davis County. Though these small wood-destroying insects are most active when the weather is warm, termite infestations are a year-round threat in most areas.

Avoid attracting termites to your home or business by implementing a few of these termite prevention tips:

  • Reduce sources of excess moisture.

  • Repair broken faucets, leaky pipes, and faulty A/C units.

  • Clear debris out of your gutters.

  • Seal gaps and cracks around your doors, windows, foundation.

  • Remove wooden materials such as stumps and logs from your lawn.

  • Watch out for signs of termite activity, such as mud tubes and termite swarmers.

Pest Pro Pest Control provides high-quality termite control services to protect your property. Get in touch with us today to request your free inspection.

How To Control Birds On Your Commercial Property In Davis County

Though some bird species may be cute, they still qualify as wildlife pests, and they are certainly not visitors that you want to have in your Davis County business. If you want to get serious about your pest bird prevention efforts, it’s important to be proactive. Here are few of the ways you can discourage pest birds from entering your property:

  • Avoid feeding any pest birds.

  • Block off and seal any openings, cracks, and crevices.

  • Keep garbage cans covered, and maintain cleanliness.

  • Keep trees directed away from the structure of your property. 

  • Keep vegetation and landscaping well-trimmed.

  • Reduce sources of standing water, like birdbaths and gutters.

While these suggestions can go a long way in preventing pest birds from infesting your facility, the truth is that none of them are as reliable as ongoing services from the pest professionals. Call Pest Pro Pest Control today to discuss your bird control needs; we’re here to help.

Why Is Carpet Beetle Control Important In Davis County?

Carpet Beetles are a year-round presence here in Davis County, and it’s good for all property owners to understand the consequences. The real danger of carpet beetles is their ability to destroy your belongings. While they’re known for infesting carpets, they also feed on items with wool, fur, felt, silk, feathers, skins, and leather. That’s because they eat materials containing keratin. 
It’s common to discover carpet beetles near window sills, and on the edges and undersides of carpets or rugs. When carpet beetles discover an area with ample access to materials containing keratin, they settle in and start reproducing. One female carpet beetle can lay anywhere between 50-100 eggs in an infested area. That means infestation can spread rather quickly.
The best way to protect your property from carpet beetles, and secure guaranteed protection from these keratin-eaters, is to reach out to the pest professionals. Pest Pro Pest Control offers complete carpet beetle control and prevention services that give you the year-round protection you deserve. Contact us today to get started. 

Earwig Control: How To Stop Earwigs In Your Davis County Home

Earwigs are medium-sized insects with flat bodies. They have two distinct appendages that stick out of their abdomens, which are called cerci or pincers. Davis County homeowners should be wary of the presence of earwig activity around their house. If you want to be proactive in your earwig prevention efforts, here are some helpful ways to stop them from infesting:

  • Clean the yard of organic debris, branches, leaves, etc.

  • Clean your rain gutters, and make sure they function properly.

  • Don’t allow shrubbery to touch the structural foundation of your house.

  • Keep outside lights off at night, as it will attract earwigs.

  • Maintain minimal mulch in your yard.

  • Reduce moisture around the home by setting up dehumidifiers in damp areas.

  • Reduce the presence of stones in your yard, as earwigs like to hide under them.

  • Remove any rotting wood from your property.

  • Repair leaky faucets, or faulty drains and plumbing. 

  • Seal off any cracks, or points of entry around the perimeter of the house.

  • Store food in tightly sealed containers, and don’t leave any pet food or water outside overnight.

  • Vacuum regularly, and promptly wipe up any spills from the stovetop or counter.

These earwig prevention tips are a great place to start; however, the most reliable form of earwig control is from the pros. Here at Pest Pro Pest Control, we offer complete earwig detection, removal and prevention services that you can depend on all year long. Call us today to learn more. 

What Davis County Needs To Know About Elm Seed Beetle Control

Here in Davis County, it’s good to be aware of the presence of elm seed beetles. Elm seed beetles are nuisance pests that feed on seeds from their host plant, elm trees. They overwinter inside of buildings, emerging in the spring, which is when they lay eggs on the flowers of elm trees. Here are some basic characteristics to help you identify these pests:

  • Measure 1/3 inch long, and have a black/mahogany coloration.
  • Alternating black and mahogany stripes on the edges of their abdomen.
  • Two reddish triangles, and one backwards black triangle, on their wings.

The good news is that elm seed beetles don’t damage trees or harm humans, though they can be a nuisance in large numbers. In order to prevent elm seed beetles, you can install door sweeps and use weather stripping around all doors, windows, and vents. You can also seal cracks and crevices around the exterior of the property, and vacuum all existing elm seed bugs that have appeared inside the property. 
When push comes to shove, the best way to deal with elm seed beetles is to call in the professionals. Reach out to Pest Pro Pest Control today to address all of your elm seed beetle control and prevention needs. We look forward to providing you with year-round pest protection you can trust.


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