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Carpet Beetle Identification Guide

What are carpet beetles?

Carpet beetles are destructive pests that cause damage to carpets, clothing, upholstery, and stored products, and are common invaders of Salt Lake City homes and businesses. Carpet beetles come in a wide variety of colors and mottled color patterns depending on their species. They have a dome-shaped body that is similar in appearance to a ladybug. Like many beetles, their front wings provide a hard, protective cover over their hind wings. Carpet beetle larvae are worm-like, and most species have bodies covered in bristle-like hairs.

carpet beetles on paper towel


Are carpet beetles dangerous?

Carpet beetles are not dangerous pests, but they certainly are damaging pests. Female carpet beetles lay their eggs on an appropriate food source like wool, carpets, blankets, upholstered furniture, clothing, furs, shed hair, and dead insects. When the larvae hatch, they begin to feed on the materials available where they hatched, causing damage. Also, carpet beetle larvae are attracted to the oils in our hair and will climb up our bodies as we sleep to feed on them. People sensitive to their bristle covered bodies develop skin irritations.

Why do I have a carpet beetle problem?

Adult carpet beetles feed on plant nectar and pollen; they often find their way into our homes accidentally on plants and flowers that we bring inside. Adults also often move into homes through cracks and openings found around doors and windows, attracted to our homes by outdoor lights. Carpet beetle larvae get into homes on items made from natural fibers or dry goods already infested.

Where will I find carpet beetles?

Outside, adult carpet beetles live in flower gardens, bird nests, or the nests of small animals. Carpet beetles get inside either on their own or by hitchhiking in on potted plants or cut flowers. Inside, carpet beetle larvae inhabit pantries, closets, basements, and other storage areas. Carpet beetles also live in wall voids or crawl spaces where they feed on things like dead insects, wasp nests, or rodent nests.

How do I get rid of carpet beetles?

A carpet beetle infestation is a frustrating pest problem. The easiest way to get rid of carpet beetles and other pests is to partner with Pest Pro Pest Control. We provide the effective services needed to protect Utah residential and commercial properties from insects, rodents, and other pests.

At Pest Pro Pest Control, we are committed to helping Utah home and business owners maintain pest-free properties with our guaranteed pest control services. For more information about our carpet beetle control treatments, contact Pest Pro Pest Control today!

How can I prevent carpet beetles in the future?

Keep your Utah home and yard protected from carpet beetles with the help of Pest Pro Pest Control and the following prevention tips.

  • Place weather-stripping around windows or doors.
  • Replace loose or missing window or door screens.
  • Seal up cracks in the foundation.
  • Inspect flowers or other plants that were outside before bringing them inside.
  • Regularly vacuum your carpets and upholstery.
  • Store your blankets, clothing, and other fabric items in airtight plastic containers instead of cardboard boxes.
  • Store any dry goods in the pantry area in glass or plastic containers with airtight lids.

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