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Eco-Friendly Wildlife Control For Salt Lake City Residents

March 24, 2022

Salt Lake City is a buzzing community with a diverse wildlife population, including small animals that frequently invade homes, gardens, and properties. These pests include gophers, voles, squirrels, and raccoons. Need help with wildlife? Call Pest Pro Pest Control.... Read More

a skunk walking in through a grass yard

How Dangerous Are Skunks In Salt Lake City, UT?

September 30, 2021

When Salt Lake City home and business owners seek out pest services, it’s usually to address bug issues. If any creatures are a factor, it might be mice. While those critters should definitely be tackled, the concerns don’t stop there. Various wildlife can be a threat, particularly if your spot is in proximity to a body of water or wooded zone. ... Read More

raccoon in attic

How To Keep Raccoons Away From Your Salt Lake City Property

April 6, 2021

Raccoons are amusing critters and are fun to watch from a distance. It’s less enjoyable when you’re raking your garbage up off the lawn after they’ve scattered it everywhere. These masked bandits go from entertainer to nuisance when they choose your property as their playground.... Read More

a nuisance wild life skunk in a yard

What Everyone In Davis County Ought To Know About Skunk Control

March 25, 2021

Davis County has a lot to offer: skiing, parks, hiking, golfing, shopping, and sights! There is much to love about Davis, except skunks! But these dangerous, nocturnal residents love Davis as much we do. So what can you do to safeguard your property against skunks? Pro Pest Pest Control has all you need to know to start eliminating skunks today!... Read More

gopher in a burrow in a residential yard

Salt Lake City's Helpful Gopher Control Guide  

March 11, 2021

Pocket gophers are burrowing rodents. Utah has two species of gophers: The Northern pocket gopher Thomomys talpoides), and the Botta’s pocket gopher (Thomomys bottae). The Northern pocket gopher lives in the Salt Lake City area.... Read More

squirrel on a bird feeder

Why Squirrels Around Your Salt Lake City Property Are More Dangerous Than You May Think

December 23, 2020

There are some pests that have become so present in our lives, that we often don’t pay them much mind anymore. One such pest that we have here in Salt Lake City is the squirrel. They come into our yards, climb our trees, and some folks even feed them. However, did you know that squirrels aren’t the cute and cuddly animal that some people make them out to be? Rather, squirrels are dangerous rodents who can cause damage to our homes ... Read More

a squirrel on a bird feeder

Davis County Property Owners' Complete Guide To Wildlife Prevention

August 27, 2020

When many Davis County property owners think of pests, they imagine common household creatures such as ants, flies, spiders, and rodents. However, since many homes in the area sit close to mountains, hills, and fields, and with the wonderful close proximity to the great outdoors, other wildlife can easily become a problem.... Read More


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