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a german cockroach in a kitchen

Salt Lake City's Step-By-Step Cockroach Prevention Guide

January 20, 2021

No one wants to see a cockroach in their Salt Lake City home or business. Cockroaches have a well-earned reputation for being dirty, but did you know that they're dangerous as well? Cockroaches act as disease vectors, carrying bacteria and microbes around and depositing them wherever they go, bringing with them the possibility of serious illness for humans. ... Read More

a mouse sitting in salt lake city

Four Handy Rodent Prevention Tips For Salt Lake City Property Owners

January 14, 2021

Pests can make life really difficult for home and business owners in Salt Lake City. They seem determined to ruin everything in their sight, often with long-term consequences. Some pests can cause structural damage, while others destroy personal effects. A lot of them are vessels of sickness, as they carry germs that they can pass on to you, your family, and your pets. ... Read More

a carpet beetle on a surface in a home

What Salt Lake City Homeowners Need To Know About Carpet Beetle Larvae

January 12, 2021

The more ruinous a pest is, the more they are talked about. If a pest is known for doing significant and costly harm to buildings or possessions, they will be at the forefront of pest discussions. The same could be said for those that bring about illness, either through transmission or contamination. ... Read More

a pigeon sitting at a place of business

What To Do About Pest Birds Around Your Salt Lake City Property

January 6, 2021

It makes sense that when Salt Lake City home and business owners seek out pest remediation, it’s for insects and four-legged creatures. Those are the critters that tend to surround properties and persistently penetrate. Some cause property damage, while others pose health threats, and many transmit disease or harbor harmful germs. ... Read More

bed bug crawling on skin

How To Tell If You Have A Bed Bug Problem In Your Salt Lake City Home

December 31, 2020

Of all the pests that you might face here in Salt Lake City, some of the most stubborn are bed bugs. That’s because bed bugs are small pests that sneak into our homes without our knowledge and then spread throughout it. At that point, it becomes exceedingly challenging to get rid of them because they could be hiding in mattresses, carpeting, upholstered furniture, curtains, and even in the walls.To make matters worse in the meantime,... Read More

squirrel on a bird feeder

Why Squirrels Around Your Salt Lake City Property Are More Dangerous Than You May Think

December 23, 2020

There are some pests that have become so present in our lives, that we often don’t pay them much mind anymore. One such pest that we have here in Salt Lake City is the squirrel. They come into our yards, climb our trees, and some folks even feed them. However, did you know that squirrels aren’t the cute and cuddly animal that some people make them out to be? Rather, squirrels are dangerous rodents who can cause damage to our homes ... Read More

black widow spider

Salt Lake City's Ultimate Spider Prevention Guide

December 17, 2020

Many animals that we consider to be pests are actually quite beneficial to the ecosystem while out in the wild, and it's not until they venture into our homes that they become pests. One such pest that we have to deal with here in Salt Lake City is the spider. Spiders are unwelcome pests in any home. They can bite, they build obtrusive webs, and some of them are even dangerous to humans, although most are harmless. Even if a spider is harmless... Read More

termite crawling on wood

A Handy Termite Prevention Guide For Utah County Property Owners

December 15, 2020

While there are a number of different pests that can cause damage to your property, here in Utah County, one of the most damaging is the termite. Termites are ant-like insects that feed on the organic matter found in wood, which means if they get into your property, they can cause all sorts of costly damage. In fact, termites cause over five billion dollars in damage per year in the United States alone. Therefore, it is important for you to kn... Read More

rodent in kitchen

All The Problems Rodents Can Bring To Your Salt Lake City Home

December 9, 2020

When it comes to pests, there are those that are simply nuisances, and there are those that pose threats to humans and our property. And while there are a number of each type that could infest your home, some of the most common dangerous home-invading pests here in Salt Lake City are rodents. That’s because rodents can carry and spread many harmful diseases that are hazardous to our health and can also inflict costly damage to the inside... Read More

german cockroach perched on a rock

Salt Lake City's Complete Guide To German Cockroaches

December 2, 2020

While there are a variety of cockroach species that you might encounter in your Salt Lake City home or business, the one you are most likely to find is the German cockroach. That’s because German cockroaches are the most common home- and business-invading roach in the world. Unfortunately, once they get inside, German cockroaches can spread all kinds of harmful bacteria and human pathogens which can be detrimental to our health. Therefor... Read More

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