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up close image of a bed bug crawling on fabric in a home

The Problems Bed Bugs Bring To Your Salt Lake City Home 

March 9, 2021

Don’t think of trying to get rid of these bugs yourself. They are hard for professionals to kill, let alone homeowners. It can several visits from a properly trained technician to get rid of bed bugs. Pest Pro Pest Control has trained and licensed technicians to help you.... Read More

carpenter ants crawling in wood

What To Do About Carpenter Ants Around Your Salt Lake City Property

February 23, 2021

Most people would balk at the idea of studying pests, but for some, it’s a fascinating activity. The majority have several subspecies with unique traits. Each class has a distinctive look, diet, habitat, and operational process. The danger level can range as well. Within ant colonies, it’s no different.... Read More

mice in a pantry kitchen

Here's How Mice Get Into Salt Lake City Homes  

February 17, 2021

Pests present various levels of physical threat to human beings. They can make you feel deathly ill because they carry so many potent germs. While making your place unpleasant, they can also tear it down and destroy your treasured belongings. Critters that multiply in the blink of an eye are especially worrisome. All of these things apply to mice. ... Read More

a termite infesttaion in a wall

What Salt Lake City Property Owners Need To Know About Termite Season   

February 11, 2021

Some Salt Lake City home and business owners are under the mistaken impression that pest remediation is only needed when visible critters are on the land. Just because you don’t see an insect or creature creeping around, it doesn’t mean they don’t have a nest set up somewhere. Termites, for example, live primarily out of sight.... Read More

a wolf spider in a home

Are The Wolf Spiders In Salt Lake City Dangerous?  

February 9, 2021

Insects are often capable of creating major damage. Sometimes, it’s directly to Salt Lake City homes or businesses. In other cases, it’s to personal items, such as clothing. Even worse, a plethora of critters can bring about illness with the germs they harbor. If not that, it will be injurious scratching, or poisonous bites and stings. Spiders specialize in the latter.... Read More

a termite crawling on wood and chewing it

What Not To Do About Termites On Your Salt Lake City Property

January 28, 2021

Salt Lake City home and business owners often are victims to wood-eating insects like termites. They can single-handedly destroy a property, and with speed. Residents may have to relocate, either temporarily or permanently, and the costs to fix termite damage can be staggering.... Read More

a bed bug infestation

What You Ought To Know About DIY Bed Bug Control In Your Salt Lake City Home

January 26, 2021

Some Salt Lake City homeowners don’t stress about pest remediation. If pests are on their property, they may presume the issue will solve itself, an attitude that's especially likely if they’re seeing a pest they view as harmless. The truth is, most pests that find their way into your home are problematic, and bed bugs are no exception.... Read More

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