Help! Tips And Tricks To Keeping Overwintering Pests Out Of Your Salt Lake City Home

Squirrel playing in the snow outdoors.

What’s the best season for pest control? Every single season! Mark off pests from the seasonal pest list and manage all seasons pest control. Call Pest Pro Pest Control to handle the winter pest season in Salt Lake City. Even when there’s a thick blanket of snow on the ground, homeowners must still stay vigilant in keeping pests away. 

Seasonal Pest List For Utah Winters

Surviving winter in the Beehive State can be a serious endeavor, and pests who make it through this season must often find alternative accommodations like human homes.

  • Boxelder Bugs: Measuring about a half-inch in length, adults are black with orange and red markings; they can cause an odor when mashed. Although they don’t stir much during winter, they go soak up the sun during mild, sunny days in southern parts of Utah properties. These bugs can be pretty numerous depending on previous seasonal conditions.   
  • Leaf-footed Bugs: Sometimes mistaken for kissing bugs, these flying insects range from about one to one and a half inches long and are usually brown. These insects enjoy sunny days in the winter and are generally harmless. 
  • Rodents: Mice, rats, and even squirrels can seek comfort from harsh winter temperatures. Each of these types of rodents has sharp teeth and can use them to gain entry into homes. As temperatures drop, some rodents may become increasingly aggressive in an attempt to seek shelter. Appearance varies on particular species.  

Winter Pest Season Problems

Does it matter if all these pests share the house during a blizzard or two? Yes! While boxelder bugs and leaf-footed bugs are not dangerous and cause a nuisance, rodents are a very different story. Rodents can cause salmonellosis, rat-bite fever, hantavirus pulmonary syndrome, cowpox virus, jaundice, trichinosis, typhus, and bubonic plague. Rodent droppings may aggravate allergies and asthmatic conditions.

These pests commit all sorts of property damage too. They use their jaws and teeth to gnaw through pipes, drywall, wood, vinyl, plastic, and wiring. Such actions can lead to fire hazards and expensive repairs. The many problems that can begin during the colder months show that pest control season is best observed throughout the year. 

Seasonal Pest Control Prevention In Salt Lake City

A comprehensive all seasons pest management solution works best with ongoing professional pest control. Taking preventative steps in autumn can’t hurt either.

Install Aids: Thwart the entrance of boxelder bugs and leaf-footed bugs by properly installing door sweeps on all exterior doors. Deter entry by putting weatherstripping around these doors as well.   
Keep A Clean Home: Stick to a rigid cleaning schedule. Don’t leave food out for hours at a time. Clean up after eating or preparing food—store food in canisters with air-tight lids. Take household garbage out regularly. Get those floors spic and span.
Remove Clutter: Winter is the ideal time to cozy up and catch up on clearing out clutter. Cardboard boxes, old magazines, newspapers, collected mail, linens, and the like can be pitched during this season.
Stay On Top Of Moisture: Install a dehumidifier if there is a damp area of the home, such as the basement; empty water as needed. Check for any drips and leaks throughout the house and have them repaired promptly.

Pest Control Season Never Stops

Want to know when the best season for pest control is? Just ask our experienced experts at Pest Pro Pest Control. We offer sound advice and professional assistance that is effective and guaranteed to work in winter and every season.

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