The Key To Getting Rid Of German Cockroaches In Your Salt Lake City Home

German Cockroach on a kitchen counter.

No one enjoys spotting pests in their home, especially when those pests happen to be German cockroaches. Like many other common home-invading insects, roaches infest homes while seeking the resources they need to survive. In this article, we’ll explain what makes German cockroaches worse than other species of roaches and how to get rid of them.

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Spotting One German Cockroach Almost Certainly Means More

In most situations, Germain cockroaches prefer to stay out of sight. They’ll often hide in tight, hard-to-reach locations during the day and emerge at night to find food. However, if you find yourself face to face with a cockroach on your kitchen counter during broad daylight, it’s a telltale sign that you may have many more roaches living in your home already. German cockroaches generally aren’t brave enough to wander around out in the open, which means if one is doing just that, there are likely too many roaches taking up all the places it would normally hide.

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Why German Cockroaches Are Worse Than Other Roaches

Out of the many species of cockroaches known for getting into residential and commercial properties, experts regard German cockroaches as the worst species to deal with. Why is that? One reason is that German roaches reproduce at a must quicker rate than most other species. These pests go from eggs to adulthood in as little as three months, while other roach species generally take about twelve. 

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How German Cockroach Infestations Start

German cockroaches infest residential properties that provide easy access to resources such as food and water. An infestation may begin on your property if roaches find the following things around your home.

  • Cracks in your foundation or around holes made for utilities can allow German cockroaches to squeeze themselves into your home.

  • Garbage cans without tight-fitting lids may give cockroaches easy access to a food source.

  • Leaky pipes and high humidity in your home provide the excess moisture roaches need to thrive.

  • Decaying wood can also draw them. Even though they’re not termites, they have no problem eating it too.

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The Pros To Call For Total German Cockroach Elimination

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