Here's How Mice Get Into Salt Lake City Homes

Mice on a mound of flour from a torn paper bag in a pantry.

Pests present various levels of physical threat to human beings. They can harm you with their bites, stings, or clawing. Alternatively, they can make you feel deathly ill because they carry so many potent germs. While making your place unpleasant, they can also tear it down and destroy your treasured belongings. Critters that multiply in the blink of an eye are especially worrisome. All of these things apply to mice. 

Once mice have gotten into your Salt Lake City home, it will be an uphill battle to defeat them. You must become diligent about learning and about using all preventative measures. Take some time to read this article to discover how to combat mice with help from Pest Pro Pest Control.

What Mice Are Common in Salt Lake City? What Are The Dangers?

House mice didn’t get their name out of vanity; but it’s certainly a befitting title. They are the primary invaders of homes. Coming in brown, black, or gray, these short-haired vermin are 7 inches long. Their tummies are a much lighter color than the rest of their body. Nimble and agile, they can crawl through openings ½ inch around or smaller. If push comes to shove and they get stuck, they’ll just chew their way to the other side. Cabinets, structural voids, and basements are examples of their favorite spaces to be in. The darker, warmer, and damper a spot is, the better. Residential zones adjacent to woody locations or grasslands will see house mice frequently. 
As an oral grooming habit, mice will chomp on almost anything. More often than not, they’ll focus on foundations, pipes, and wiring. Of course, this can equate to cosmetic damage and critical issues around your abode. Chewing on fixtures and cords may result in major plumbing breaks, electrical outages, and fires. The health risks are just as significant. Mice spend a lot of time in unsanitary settings, such as garbage cans and gutters. The bacteria that gets onto them adds to the parasites in their fur. They also have microbes in their urine, feces, and saliva. These pests are known for contaminating food and surfaces, leading to diseases like hantavirus, lymphocytic choriomeningitis, and salmonella.  Key infestation signs are:

  • Finding fecal pellets with ends that are blunted 
  • Noticing footprints; they have four front toes and five back toes 
  • Hearing noises from behind walls 
  • Seeing teeth marks on cables and walls
  • Detecting consistent foul odors  

What Are Ways to Prevent Mice?

House mice require warm shelter, food, and water to survive. Given this, you have to keep your home from being an abundant fountain of these elements. Beyond that, you have to make sure that the animals are unable to even get indoors by:

  • Decreasing clutter 
  • Routinely and thoroughly cleaning your kitchen and pantries; washing the dishes
  • Floors should be swept and mopped regularly and vacuum carpeting
  • Using airtight containers for food and garbage storage; this includes pet chow and bird seed 
  • Having leaks and moisture problems fixed immediately 
  • Closing holes in foundations, doors, and windows. Try using caulking, steel wool, or other matter mice can’t gnaw through. They can chew rubber and plastic.
  • Clean gutters and drains often 
  • Place plants away from the property, and cut your grass

How Will Pest Pro Pest Control Handle Mice?

Pest Pro Pest Control has thrived in business for a solid decade because we use top-of-the-line techniques, offer affordable rates, and have staff that are experienced technicians. Our team will use advanced bait boxes and stations, and other effective products to eliminate mice. Retail traps will just kill individual critters and won’t stop an infestation. The way we address entry points will, however. Recurrent treatments and follow-up visits are available. Get a free inspection when you call Pest Pro Pest Control today!

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