Are Spiders In My Salt Lake City Home Dangerous?

Black Widow Spider in its web.

If five jars with a different spider inside each were placed in front of you, could you pick which one wasn’t deadly? Unless you are an entomologist or a bug lover, chances are you would have a difficult time. The good news is, we are here today to make you an expert on spiders, or at least on the dangerous ones here in Salt Lake City. Are you interested to learn which eight legged pests around your home could land you in the hospital? If so, let’s dive right in. 

What Are Spiders?

Over 3000 species of spiders exist here in America, 621 live here in Utah. Many spiders hunt from the ground, others build intricate webs to catch their prey, some can even jump long distances. What makes them spiders? For one, they all have eight legs and two body segments. In addition to this, spiders, unlike many insects, have neither wings or antennae.

Which Spiders Are Dangerous?

With over 621 species of spider here in Utah, how can you know which are dangerous and which are no more than a nuisance? To answer this, we first have to determine how many dangerous spiders these are.

If danger was judged by the ability to bite and cause pain then a few spiders would be considered dangerous here in Salt Lake City, specifically wolf spiders, hobo spiders, and yellow sac spiders. If hospitalization was the determining factor, then only one spider would be considered a problem, the black widow. Although bites from black widow spiders are rarely fatal, the symptoms of their venom can be quite severe. The good news is that encounters with black widow spiders are rare as they typically do not venture into homes unless weather conditions outside are unfavorable, or if it is too hot or cold.

Black widow spiders can be identified by their solid black bodies and the red hourglass figure on their belly. Black widow spiders are also on the larger side when it comes to spiders here in Utah and can grow to be upwards of one and a half inches in length.

Other Problems Spiders Cause

Although they look creepy, spiders are not typically troublesome pests. The troublesome pests are the insects spiders invade to hunt. Cockroaches, termites, and clothing moths are just a few problematic house pests spiders enter your home to find. If you have been seeing spiders around your home, chances are more pests are nearby, and this could spell trouble.

How To Prevent Spiders

If you are here looking for a way to keep spiders and the insects they invade to hunt out of your home, you are in luck. Here are a few pest prevention tips our experts recommend.

  • Make sure all of your exterior doors have door sweeps.
  • Inspect window and door screens around your home and make sure they are in good condition.
  • Use a caulking gun to seal gaps, cracks, and holes in your home’s exterior foundation.
  • Check weather stripping around your home and repair damage as needed.
  • Address moisture issues around your home by fixing leaks, repairing broken gutters, and eliminating sources of water buildup.
  • Store leftover food inside sealable containers after each meal.
  • Clean your home regularly.

The Best Way To Keep Out Spiders

At the end of the day, no amount of DIY will come close to the effectiveness of professional pest control services. If you are looking for the absolute best way to keep spiders and the pests they invade for out of your home, we have your solution. At Pest Pro Pest Control, we offer affordable and reliable pest protection plans to deal with a wide range of pests including dangerous spiders.

Give us a call today to get your home the protection it needs against pests.

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