What You Ought To Know About DIY Bed Bug Control In Your Salt Lake City Home

Bed bug infestation.

Some Salt Lake City homeowners don’t stress about pest remediation. If pests are on their property, they may presume the issue will solve itself, an attitude that's especially likely if they’re seeing a pest they view as harmless. The truth is, most pests that find their way into your home are problematic, and bed bugs are no exception.

Bed bugs seem to magically pop up in homes and they’ll take over in a jiffy. They breed prolifically, and bite you in your sleep, leaving you with itchy, red welts in the morning. People often try do-it-yourself options to eliminate them, but these methods are rarely, if ever, successful. Learn why, and how Pest Pro Pest Control can help. 

Why Do Bed Bugs Show Up To Begin With?

To get a handle on managing bed bugs, you have to know how they get indoors. Being on the hunt for blood to sustain, these bugs hang out in areas where there's a lot of human activity, such as bus stations, airports, hotels, offices, and schools. They hitchhike their way onto your personal belongings, traveling with you back to your home, where they make themselves comfortable and begin breeding. From your luggage, clothing, or bags, bed bugs will eventually move onto:

  • Upholstery
  • Fabrics
  • Couches
  • Mattresses
  • Appliances
  • Electronics
  • Wood trim
  • Wallpaper
  • Flooring

When their intrusion becomes a full-fledged infestation, you’ll begin to encounter stains and odors. The stains will be bloody or reddish-brown; they will be on fabrics and surfaces. Bed bug fecal stains will be black or brown and powdery. Bed bugs emit musty odors when multiplying, so you may notice a new smell if bed bugs are present. Bed bugs leave their human victims with small, itchy, red bite marks, which are usually in a straight line.

Ordinary bed bugs are rounded at the head and tail. You’ll see that the top is smaller than the bottom, with a flat, oval middle section. These insects have reddish-brown coloring and are about 1/4 of an inch long. They walk on six legs and have two antennas. They lay pearly white eggs that house their translucent young.

Are DIY Bed Bug Methods Inexpensive and Effective?

The average homeowner won’t be successful killing bed bugs with DIY approaches, since to eradicate an infestation, all insects and eggs have to be tracked down and removed. Since these critters are so prolific and unbelievably tiny, that mission won’t be accomplished. If you have the idea that you’ll just keep buying products and tools until the bed bugs are all gone, think again. The costs will quickly add up, as will the time you invest in repeating the same ineffective steps over and over. There are additional hazards to keep in mind too:

  • Dry ice: This frosty fix kills bed bugs, but you could get a chemical burn in the process or be poisoned from its carbon dioxide after effect.
  • Rubbing alcohol: While rubbing alcohol may kill some of the surface bed bugs you can see, it’s also flammable, and breathing it can lead to respiratory difficulties in the long run.
  • Diatomaceous Earth (DE): You can’t breathe in this dangerous powder; even if it sufficiently kills some of the bed bug population in your home.

What Is Pest Pro Pest Control’s Answer to Bed Bugs?

Pest Pro Pest Control has just what you need to exterminate bed bugs and get great rest again. Our powerful but safe liquid treatments will abolish an active infestation and provide deterring protection for the future. We'll make sure your infestation is fully dealt with, and you’ll receive follow-up visits automatically to ensure the problem stays solved. Our options are affordable, and our technicians are skilled. Contact us on our website or get a free, no-obligation inspection when you call today!

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