Prepping Your Salt Lake City Home For Termite Season

Hundreds of termites infesting a property

Avoiding termite damage can go a long way towards keeping a home in tip-top shape. Have termites? Pest Pro Pest Control offers termite protection in Salt Lake City. We can walk our clients through what to expect in a termite inspection. There is a solution for whether a drywood termite treatment or subterranean termite treatment is needed. Professional assistance can remedy this situation whatever kinds of termites are present on the property.

When Is Termite Season In Salt Lake City?

Termites aren’t like bears; they don’t hibernate during certain times of the year. While colder months may cause these little buggers to be less active, they carry on with life as usual. Some might consider termite season the time of year when swarmers leave the colony to explore. These reproductive termites like to see if they can set up new colonies.

Swarmers can become quite active in spring. Salt Lake City residents may see swarmers from April to early June. Avoiding termite damage isn’t rocket science, but it does take a homeowner's commitment to look out for these insects. Consistent checks can make the difference in keeping homes free of these wood-destroying organisms.

How Do I Know If My Salt Lake City Home Has Termites?

Want to know if termites are crawling around on your property? The best way to know if these pests have invaded is to have a professional termite inspection. Now find out what to expect in a termite inspection:

  • A Qualified Inspector: While anyone can stroll around the grounds and give advice, it takes a trained pest professional to be able to provide a termite inspection.

  • A Thorough Inspection: A qualified inspector goes through every nook and cranny where termites may be found. The termite technician usually carries a flashlight to inspect areas while using trained eyes to check for signs of these pests.

  • Findings: Once the inspection is complete, the kinds of termites found onsite will be identified. Signs of structural damage and any infested trees observed are also usually shown.

  • Proposed Treatment: The technician will provide a treatment plan of precisely what needs to be done so termites can be dealt with for maximum effectiveness.

  • Some Time: A complete termite inspection allows the pest professional to spend ample time going through many areas of the property. There shouldn’t be any rushing through this process.

What Does A Termite Infestation In Salt Lake City Look Like?

A pest control professional best identifies a termite infestation, but if homeowners see any telltale signs, they know there is the potential for trouble. Painted wood can appear to have bubbled or puckered. Tapping or knocking on wood can alert residents to hollow sounds. Wood infected with termites will sound hollow, whereas regular wood should produce more solid sounds.

Seeing or hearing wood damage in the home, crawlspaces, and other structures can indicate the presence of termites. Noticing the wings of termite swarmers can be a red flag as well. See any wings in doorways, windowsills, or around sources of light? Such wings could be from swarmers who live in a nearby colony.

How Does Pest Pro Get Rid Of Termites In Salt Lake City?

Termites can cause a world of destruction, but Pest Pro Pest Control can eliminate what could turn into a costly problem. Our technicians perform a comprehensive termite inspection to determine a specific plan that properly addresses any onsite termite issues. If drywood termite treatment is required, our technicians apply it. We continue following up with clients to ensure termites don’t return. When termite control in Salt Lake City is a priority, we don’t disappoint.

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