How To Get Rid Of Pavement Ants Around Your Salt Lake City Property

Pavement ants on fruit.

It is severely off-putting to discover a line of ants marching across the counters, cupboards, and flooring of your home. They may be social creatures, but this doesn’t mean we appreciate sitting down for a meal with them.

Pavement ants are one the most common species of ants in North America. Chances are more than likely that you have seen them crawling around your Salt Lake City, Utah property. While the pavement ant is a low-risk ant species, they can still contaminate your food, and they are challenging to remove.

No one wants to deal with the huge hassle that comes with these tiny pests. Following a few simple steps will help you protect your Salt Lake City home from unwanted pavement ant invasions.

Pavement Ant Identification And Behavior

As their name suggests, pavement ants are most commonly seen around paved areas. They are dark brown to black in color, with three body regions, six legs, two antennae, and are about 1/8 to 1/6 of an inch in length. If a pavement ant has wings, this is an indication that it is one of the reproductive colony members.

While they prefer to live outdoors, pavement ants will invade your home in their search for food. They enter structures through cracks in the foundation or interior slabs. If a reliable source of sustenance has been located, pavement ants will build satellite nests in walls, insulation, and flooring.

Pavement ant colonies grow quickly, reaching numbers from 3,000 to more than 10,000 in very little time. If you suspect an infestation is beginning to take place, it's time to reach out to a local residential pest control professional for your Salt Lake City home. 

Pavement Ant Prevention Tips

Removing any factors that may attract pavement ants is one of the most important things you can do to prevent an invasion:

  • Store food in the refrigerator or in secure containers. Keep pet food stored in secure containers as well.
  • Wipe down counters and tables on a daily basis, especially when there are crumbs or spills.
  • Sweep or vacuum around food prep areas and dining areas on a regular basis.
  • Maintain outdoor eating areas and make sure they are free of food debris.
  • Take the trash out on a regular basis. Keep tight-fitting or locking lids on outdoor trash cans and recycling bins.
  • Eliminate standing water around your property. Fix leaking faucets and pipes both inside and outside of your home.
  • Repair or install fitted door sweeps, weather stripping, and screens on your doors and windows.
  • Look for any cracks and crevices that need to be filled in the foundation and around the exterior walls of your home.
  • Create a barrier between the foundation of your home and any soil or mulch.
  • Maintain your lawn regularly and clear any leaf litter. Keep tree branches and overgrown vegetation cut back from your home.
  • Store firewood or building materials a safe distance away from the exterior of your home.

Pavement ants are easier to prevent than they are to get rid of. The most effective way to keep your home safe is with the help of an experienced pest control service professional.

Professional Solutions To Your Pavement Ant Problems

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